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4D University has 1 overarching goal: Graduation from 3rd Density and the attainment of 4th Density consciousness here and now.

4D University | Membership with Aaron Abke

Join The Online Academy for Consciousness Expansion with Aaron Abke

4D University teaches and facilitates the expansion of human consciousness; a resource for anyone who wishes to fulfill their soul's purpose in graduating to the 4th Density.

These courses offer the most potent teachings and practices available in a systematic format which allows for maximum integration.


  • Master Your Mind
  • Meditation Mastery
  • 4DAP (4th Density Ascension Protocol)

To get 10% off your membership, head over to JoshTrent.com/4DUniversity and your discount will be automatically applied.

Listen to Aaron Abke + Josh Trent discuss Law of One and how all in the universe is a manifestation of The One Creator, the seven densities of consciousness, and his journey from religion to spirituality HERE!

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