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• Relieves headaches

• Helps with tension and stress

• Improves sleep and reduces fatigue

• Increases blood and lymph flow

• Reduces cellulite

Pranamat® ECO relieves muscle tension, improves microcirculation, facilitates oxygenation of tissues, stimulates a healthy metabolism, relieves pain, regulates sleep, and makes you feel happier and more energetic.

Studies have shown that even a single 20-minute use of Pranamat® ECO is beneficial, while regular use provides excellent results.

Pranamat: World-Class Massage from The Comfort of Your Home

When you first have a massage with Pranamat ECO® the feeling is truly unforgettable – the sensation you get is intense! But after a few moments, a pleasant warmth spreads through your whole body, tension and discomfort disappear and you can enjoy all the pleasure that massage brings.

The benefits are noticeable after the first few minutes of the first massage, starting with a sensation of warmth in the skin. After about ten minutes you will start to feel a sense of comfort and peace.

For best results, use Pranamat ECO every day, and whenever you feel a specific need. You can use it as a part of your routine, for example, after brushing your teeth, once you are ready for bed each evening. Or place it on your office chair for the first 20 minutes of your working day.


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