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Transformative Power of Float Therapy + Magnesium

Max Vitality Float Tank + Magnesium Salts

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• Deep relaxation

• Mental clarity

• Expansion of consciousness

• Reduced stress and anxiety

• Improved sleep

Max Vitality float therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, provides a serene and unparalleled environment for relaxation and profound introspection.

Immersed within the tranquil confines of a float tank, individuals are embraced by a sense of weightlessness, free from the distractions of the outside world.

Max Vitality Pod Float Tank

Max Vitality provides our clients with custom state-of-the-art float therapy tanks that are free from all light, sound, and outside distractions.

The powerful 1-2-3 combination of reduced sensory input, soaking up loads of Magnesium (thanks to the 1000 pounds of therapeutic-grade Epsom salt), all while laying suspended in the zero-gravity solution is the optimal environment for:

  • Reducing systemic and chronic calcification
  • Decreasing anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Full body relaxation
  • Muscle recovery
  • Strengthening your body’s immune system
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Promoting hair follicle growth
  • Assists with reaching profound meditative states
  • Heightening the production of endorphins
  • Promoting the synchronization between the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Enhancing creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • Reducing instances of neuromuscular aches and pains, inflammation and tendonitis, sprains/strains
  • And much more!

Max Vitality Float Tank + Epsom Salt

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Max Vitality Salts: Magnesium Chloride VS Epsom Salts

Magnesium chloride, known for its superior bioavailability and absorption, offers distinct advantages over Epsom salts when it comes to harnessing the healing properties of magnesium.

With its ability to penetrate the skin more effectively, magnesium chloride can provide greater therapeutic benefits, such as muscle relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, and enhanced cellular function.

Incorporating magnesium chloride into your wellness routine can be a powerful way to optimize your magnesium levels, support your body's healing processes, and promote overall well-being.

Magnesium Benefits

  • Assists in energy production by playing a crucial role in the synthesis and utilization of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body's primary energy molecule – required for almost all biological functions
  • Supports relaxation and stress reduction by promoting the production of neurotransmitters that regulate mood, such as serotonin
  • Enhances sleep quality and aids in the management of insomnia by promoting relaxation and regulating melatonin production
  • Helps alleviate anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression by supporting a healthy nervous system function
  • Supports cognitive function, memory, and focus by participating in the transmission of signals between neurons in the brain
  • Promotes muscle relaxation and helps alleviate muscle cramps and spasms by regulating calcium levels and supporting proper muscle function
  • Contributes to bone health by aiding in the absorption and metabolism of calcium and vitamin D
  • Supports cardiovascular health by maintaining normal blood pressure levels and promoting healthy heart rhythm

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