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Bring The Healing Power Of Quantum Energy To Every Area Of Your Life — Instantly

Quantum Upgrade + Frequency Bundles

Tap into the limitless power of the quantum field to harmonize your energy, balance your body, boost performance and shield yourself from harmful EMF frequencies. Quantum Upgrade is a scientific, researched-backed way to bring much needed quantum into your home, car, phone, and life. Turn this service on in minutes, and control it from your phone, to instantly feel better anywhere you go.

  • Research Approved By Independent Tests and Studies Worldwide
  • Personally Used By Healers And Practitioners
  • Precision Measured-Patented Technology
  • Growing Community –Thousands Of Happy Humans

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Powerful uplifting quantum effects on these frequencies…

  • EMF Protection
  • Fitness Recovery
  • Boost Resilience
  • Food/Water Care
  • Manifest Intentions
  • Ease Stress
  • Increase Vitality
  • Positive Mindset
  • Improved Presence
  • Rest Support
  • Pet Care
  • Plant Care

Everything Depends On Quantum Energy

The universe consists of an infinite number of quantum fields. These fields bring matter into form and shape reality, in all forms. Our bodies are always interfacing with the quantum field and receiving or (in the case of toxic environments) losing energy. This service is designed to support your biological and bio-energetic connection to quantum energy — so that you can better meet the many demands of life and manifest more.

If you’re looking to bring more energy and higher levels of consciousness to any area of your life — whether it be family, work, partnership, finances, spiritual practice, or anything else — this service can support you by raising your field, instantly. Many feel the difference in a matter of minutes and begin noticing meaningful life changes in the first week or month.

How The Quantum Upgrade Service Works

LEELA Quantum Upgrade + Frequency BundlesNormally, we think of energy moving in a “linear” manner — in other words, going from one place to another in a line. Yet what true seers have always known and scientists have recently found is that quantum energy moves in a different way that is non-linear and significantly more powerful.

First, two things experience something called quantum entanglement. This means they are connected or “associated” with each other. Once entangled, a change in one object or entity causes a change in the other — even if they are nowhere near each other.

This is how a mother can “feel” something is happening to her child, even if they are thousands of miles away. Because they are quantumly entangled. It’s also how scientists can take a skin cell or blood sample of an astronaut on earth, send them into space, and see changes in their skin or blood that still remains on earth!

Must visit joshtrent.com/QuantumUpgrade and use the code “JOSH15” for 15 days FREE!

LEELA Quantum Upgrade + Frequency Bundles

Frequency Bundles Now Available!

Now you can pick from 3-6 grouped bundles + special Frequency Bundles including:

  • H.E.A.L.® Bundle
  • Abundance Bundle
  • Source Frequency Bundle
  • Booster Bundle by K. Elmer
  • All-In-One Frequency Bundle

Get a better understanding of Quantum Upgrade and the quantum field with Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling + Josh Trent HERE


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