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Delicious, Keto, gluten-free + non GMO

BUBS Naturals | Halo Coffee Creamer

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• Sustainable boost of energy

• Enhances focus and mental clarity

• Better digestion

• Improves insulin-mediated glucose metabolism

• Stimulates feeling of fullness

Transform your mornings with BUBS Naturals' Halo Coffee Creamer.

This functional coffee creamer delivers a creamy, angelic taste.

All while boosting brain power and providing lasting energy. Made with only high-quality natural ingredients, it's the perfect addition to your routine.

Coffee Creamer on Steroids

Elevate your morning routine with BUBS Halo Coffee Creamer. Their functional coffee creamer delivers brain fuel and sustained energy with a creamy angelic taste while using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

BUBS Halo Creamer is not only delicious, but it’s also Keto friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

BUBS Halo Creamer uses MCT oil powder that is 70% C-08 Caprylic Acid and 30% C-10 Capric Acid. The C-08 oil bypasses the digestive system. This allows it to reach the liver directly. Experience a rapid boost of clean, sustained energy with enhanced focus and mental clarity.

MCT oil is a quick and clean energy source for your body. Halo Creamer has MCT oil powder made from sustainably sourced coconuts.

BUBS Halo Creamer mixes easily in both hot and cold drinks, smoothies, and various recipes. It's lighter and easier to dissolve than regular MCT oil and is easier on your stomach. Mix BUBS Halo Creamer with BUBS Brew Coffee and their Collagen Peptides for a powerful boost to your morning routine.

bubs naturals halo coffee creamer

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