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Spring Water in Its Finest Form

Alive Waters: Spring Water Home Delivery

Alive Waters: Spring Water Home Delivery33% OFF WITH CODE “JOSH33”


• Naturally alkaline pH balance

• Source of electrolytes

• Zero contamination

• Sustainably sourced + packaged

• Abundance of mineral silica

Alive Waters diligently selected the absolute best springs for their water delivery service.

Optimal Hydration is the foundation of health and a necessity, not a luxury.

Humans have drank natural spring water directly from the earth for 99% of our existence. It's what our bodies have adapted to thrive from and what makes us feel the best.

Alive Waters: Natural Spring Water

Alive Water covers the full cost of developing and maintaining our earth's most popular user-generated database of cold and hot springs. They donate a minimum of 11% of profits and also plan to fund nature access programs for inner-city children.

In addition to being carbon neutral, they also consider every aspect of how our choices affect people and the planet. We are leading the way for a healthier and happier future.

Each of their two springs has zero industrial contaminations, including an absence of radioactive isotopes, which are found in most springs. They also have the perfect mineral balance ideal for health and great-tasting water.

Fresh living spring water in reusable glass is the best choice for our personal and ecological health.

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