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Airofit Pro 2.0

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• Strengthen your breathing muscles

• Personalized training plan

• Only 5-10 minutes a day

• Track your lung function progress

• Improve your performance

Airofit is the world’s smartest breathing trainer that lets you tailor your training to your every need.

Gain strength and flexibility in your breathing muscles and lungs to increase your energy levels, optimize oxygen delivery to the muscles, and improve your overall performance and well-being.

Benefits of Using Airofit

Airofit is the first and only truly smart breathing trainer on the market. One size does not fit all, therefore all Airofit training programs are tailored to YOU – they take into consideration your age, size, gender, and preference.

Airofit also measures your vital lung capacity and breathing muscle strength. They take all that data as a baseline for your training and enable you to start and progress through your training correctly.

Airofit is also the only breathing trainer that goes beyond simple respiratory muscle training (RMT). They also address other aspects of breathing, like Respiratory strength, Vital capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and relaxation. They ensure that you can train harder, recover faster and most importantly – perform better.

Use the trainer to boost your flexibility and strengthen your inspiratory and expiratory muscles. The app allows you to personalize your focus and set goals tailored to your needs.

By working towards these objectives, you'll achieve results that truly make a difference in your breathing capacity and overall well-being. The trainer offers a unique approach to respiratory fitness, helping you breathe more effectively and efficiently.

The Companion app meticulously evaluates your breathing, tailoring training regimens accordingly. When linked to your trainer, access personalized programs, real-time guidance, immediate feedback, and detailed statistics, guaranteeing tangible and comprehensible advancements in respiratory fitness.

Airofit Pro stands out by eliminating the guesswork from breathwork, providing a precise and tailored experience. This seamless integration of technology ensures a holistic approach to training, empowering users with a clear understanding of their progress and fostering a more informed and effective respiratory fitness journey.

With Airofit Pro, achieving optimized breathwork becomes an accessible and personalized endeavor, driven by data and tailored guidance.


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