Dr. Wendy Myers is an expert in detoxification and minerals, someone who has spent the majority of her life educating the public on the importance of long-term detoxification especially considering our toxic world.

In this podcast today episode 461 with Dr. Wendy Myers, we're talking about emotional detox: is perfectionism from trauma causing your health issues?

We also explore biofield tuning versus talk therapy.

Does Your Perfectionism Come from Trauma?

Do you know somebody in your life that is a perfectionist and they just can't seem to let go of this way of being?

Well what if I told you that both anecdotal and scientific research now points to the fact that self-oriented perfectionism tendencies typically are a product of unprocessed and unhealed trauma?

At first audible, you might doubt that, but the more I've learned about it (and what you will learn today from Dr. Wendy Myers) will expand your mind and open your heart to this possibility of a new way for healing and overcoming perfectionism.

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Dealing with Perfectionism

If you are a recovering perfectionist like myself then you know that saving money is huge. Also releasing energy is just as important.

This is why this podcast will shift you in a positive way. Maybe in a way you haven't been shifted in quite a long time.

  • Dr. Wendy comes on the show to share about the emotional trauma of losing her father to cancer.
  • You will understand how to do an emotional detox is and the first steps you can take to heal.
  • We'll talk about the top 5 negative emotions to heal with biofield tuning to help release stuck energy.
  • You'll learn about the safe space of detoxing emotions and the emotional detox symptoms that arise.
  • How your Enneagram personality type impacts your trauma response
  • Why perfectionism is connected to trauma.
  • How to reclaim your power from the mainstream media and what to do with that inner voice; especially when it is negative.
  • Why setting healthy boundaries is where you start being present to rational fears.

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