Zen Wisdom: The Wound Is Where You Serve From | John Wineland

For over a decade, John Wineland has been teaching men and women zen wisdom in the realms of relationships, sexual intimacy, and life purpose.

I came across John's work shortly after I read David Deida’s books, specifically The Way of The Superior Man in 2014, and John is an absolute game changer when it comes to sexual division.

The illusion of the dark shadows of the anima and the animus tells us about ourselves and that same dark shadow that propagates in the media that there is no such thing as gender and that men and women are the same.

John brings practical radical, honest, and experience-driven results to literally tens of thousands of people across the world that unites men and women, and allows them to embody masculine and feminine in all spectrums and all aspects of their highest self.

And he does this in a very poignant and profound way. I have never met anyone quite like John Wineland this was truly one of my favorite conversations I've ever had on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast.

Live Your Truth + Heal The World

The last time I talked to John was in the middle of the pandemic when we went over your guide to masculine and feminine polarity. You'll want to watch and listen to that!

I'm so excited for you to learn about this concept of a new masculine paradigm leading with love, living your truth, and healing the world in today's episode.

Over these two decades, I found that the truth of how we live our life well is by choosing to nourish the five sides of our Wellness Pentagon: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial ways that we can quench our well-being thirst in this crazy, polluted, insane, yet still loving and still vibrant rock spinning in space in the middle of the universe called Earth.

“Each unconscious abdication of leadership in a relationship is a pin prick to her heart. Over the course of the years, thousands of these moments will scar or harden her. As time went by she and she felt your lack of presence, awareness, and attention to her body and feelings, she got angry.” – John Wineland

Access The Modern Zen Wisdom

I don't care if you're spiritual or scientific you're going to love this episode. It's going to rock your world, specifically, if you are navigating grief or loss or you have ever navigated grief and loss.

In the first 5 minutes, John blasted his heart wide open to all of us across the world about his own journey through loss and navigating the grief of his daughter Claire.

I have so much reverence and respect for the way that John teaches from his highest self and isn't afraid or ashamed to speak about his wounds. It's the most authentic form of leadership I think I've ever seen.

In this podcast be prepared to level up in every single way you could imagine, including how to liberate your heart, conscious relationships, how to bring presents into romantic relationships, heal generational wounds, how to slow down to receive the wisdom of the moment and so much more.

Strap in buckle down open up your heart and take a deep breath. This is the one and only John Wineland right here right now on Wellness + Wisdom.

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