Damien Blenkinsopp The Quantified Body With more and more wellness & fitness tracking devices and apps selling everyday, what do we do with all the numbers? Have you been wondering what all the hype and buzz is around Fitbit, Jawbone & Misfit devices? Today’s episode delivers the goods! EP 13 is all about self tracking and self quantification, where we get to talk with and learn from Damien Blenkinsopp, a Quantified Self expert and the amazing host of the popular iTunes podcast The Quantified Body.

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Listen as Damien helps to uncover: 

  • Devices and applications to implement for beginners 
  • Damien's Story
  • How to create personal meaning all the numbers
  • Using QS for performance
  • Using Quantified Self for longevity 
  • What is a citizen scientist
  • The financial impact of not quantifying

Links From the Show:

“The number of lab tests, devices and other data services available to the physician and consumer to collect and analyze personal health data grows daily. Damien introduces you to the cutting edge in this trend – whether you’re a citizen scientist at home, or a physician broadening your horizons.”

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