What’s REALLY In Your Makeup? Top 3 Skincare Offenders

Discover the top 3 skincare offenders and toxic ingredients in everyday makeup.

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The Truth About Skincare

This is episode 444 Emilie Toups | Deeper Than Skin: The Truth About Skincare, “Organic” Cosmetics & Protecting Your Family From Toxic Chemicals which is a PERFECT podcast for you to watch and hear right after last’s week’s podcast with Leslie Manookian about Bodily Autonomy and Informed Consent.


Have you ever reflected upon why people who seemingly have healthy lives still get sick with unfortunate diseases like cancer or autoimmune?

Haven't you ever wondered why this actually happens?

I know that I have and it led me down some interesting facts of discovery; one of them being our epidermis.

The epidermis (otherwise known as the skin) is the largest organ on our entire body, and it's easy to forget because we tend to take it for granted!

But what if I told you that any time you put something on your skin, it's almost the same thing as drinking it?

Do you think you might pay more attention or have more caution as to what toxic chemicals are being placed on your skin?

That is exactly what we are learning about on today's podcast.

Top 3 Skincare Offenders To Avoid At All Cost

My mind was so expanded by this intelligence. I learned it from a very passionate and powerful woman whose name is Emilie Toups.

Emilie Toups began crafting skincare and makeup from her farmhouse kitchen after discovering how organic tallow, high-quality cold-pressed olive oil, and other quality, natural ingredients made a huge difference in her skin and her family’s wellness.

At Emilie’s company, Toups & Co Organics, they believe that skincare products that nourish and restore can come from simple, wholesome ingredients.

They use tallow from grass-fed cows, organic cold-pressed olive oil, and certified organic essential oils from small, family-owned farms that are sustainable, fair trade, transparent and ethical.

In their products you will never find synthetic chemicals, GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors or artificial fragrances.

I was humbled on how little I personally knew about the skincare industry, cosmetics and lotions. Everything all included before this podcast!

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The benefits of tallow for severe eczema and topical allergies.
  • What's really inside of your skincare and the top three “skin offenders” that you're most likely putting on your skin and you don't even know it because the labels on major brands tend to hide these ingredients.
  • You'll learn the secrets of big name skincare companies
  • Why not to trust what most influencers are promoting, specifically the Kardashians.
  • We cover the beauty of feeling our best, and how you can shift the mindset of looking “perfect” to looking and feeling your best.
  • And also, what does it looks like to raise a healthy family starting with the epidermis? (the largest organ, our skin!)

Raising a Healthy Family

This episode really hit home for me.

It got me thinking that with my 9-month-old son, Novah. What products are we choosing to use on his skin?

I had no idea about the toxicity in most skincare products. Emilie actually sent me the deodorant and the face care products to try….

And I was blown away!  Honestly how much better they smelled and how much better they felt on my skin!

You can do your part not only to boost your own health by not taxing your immune system by choosing Toups & Co Organic products, but you can also save a bunch of money!

Toups & Co. Organics' Gift to You

Emilie was super generous…

She gave us 15% off with the code “JOSH” all you have to do is head over to the website JoshTrent.com/TOUPS and enter the code “JOSH” to get 15% off your entire order.

It’s amazing savings because these products don't have much of a margin as they are small-batch, organic, and REAL!

So Emilie wanted to reward you for your conscious healthy choices for yourself and your family at JoshTrent.com/TOUPS you can also head over to their website https://toupsandco.com/ and use the code “JOSH” for 15% off.

Now let’s learn with Emilie Toups right here right now on Wellness + Wisdom.


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