What is TRUE FREEDOM? Facing Fear + Upgrading Your Life

Unlock true freedom by learning to face your fear while upgrading your life.

Aloha and welcome, this is Josh Trent and you are here on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast.

This is where you will receive the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial intelligence you need to live your life well.

This is where we explore the Pentagon of Wellness.

So that you will leave this podcast more intelligent and more embodied than when you started…

I don't know about you but I have been going through a lot lately, personally, professionally and as a new parent.

Can you relate to this?

I have definitely noticed that if I go too long without eating I get pretty hangry…

My number one trio of emotional self-regulation tools are:

Upgrade Your Life: Unlock Freedom

I don't know about you but I have been going through a lot lately, personally, professionally, and as a new parent.

I don't know if you can relate to this but I have definitely noticed that if I go too long without eating I get pretty hangry…

My number one emotional self-regulation tool is food breath-work and cold therapy in that order, and my favorite food is turkey sticks from PaleoValley.

If you heard the episode with Autumn Smith – Episode 433: Foods for Stress, How to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar, you know that getting high quality protein is, especially turkey and from beef, is so important.

I can't stress this enough. If you've been stressed out, if you've been snapping at your spouse, or if you've just been dealing with blood sugar issues or emotional regulation I implore you to get some savings and get better blood sugar.

Head over to joshtrent.com/paleovalley and enter the code ‘JOSH' to get 15% off these pasture-raised turkey sticks which are my absolute favorite.

They are my absolute favorite tasting, and they've been supporting us for years, and they want to support you too with the hook up and the key to unlocking better blood sugar.

Letting Go of Fear

And it's a perfect bridge between blood sugar and emotional regulation to talk about the concept of fear.

Now we all have heard about fear.. which could be:

“Forget everything and run.”

Recently I've come up with something new when it comes to the acronym of fear…

In that is:

“For everyone's attention responsibly.”

…and responsibility is the key.

If we are taking care of our sleep, our food, our emotional regulation and our self-worth and self-love (which is the acronym of H.A.L.T then we're going to be able to truly be free and to continue to work on our path of Freedom.

Embracing True Freedom

We have a guest today who is a world-class, and I say that with total conviction, a world-class speaker, author and presenter on the topics of neurological, emotional, psychological, and personal growth.

His name is Jesse Elder and I think he is the most free man in the world!

I'm not being dramatic here.

This man is exceptionally free.

He has created a personal empire. He is a self-described millionaire Mentor, improv philosopher, former MMA fighter turned entrepreneur, and also the author of the upgraded life.

Jesse is an international life coach and a man with an abundance mentality at JesseElder.com who represents the potential of self-mastery and human upgrades.

In this podcast, you will receive that and so much more from Jesse; this podcast has the potential to change your life.

Jesse Elder: The Freest Man

You will learn:

  • How to know whether or not you are living in Freedom.
  • What is the Arc of Intelligence: Gather, Apply + Embody.
  • Especially the subjective truth… in other words the truth that we believe to be true that may or may not be “objective.”
  • Jesse offers us a powerful reframe, he says is this truth or is this useful for me?
  • Why public schools are failing children.
  • The new age of humanity where we will all be challenged to build self resiliency and upgrade our life.
  • Natural law? Jesse breaks down taxation as theft.

Show notes from today or at JoshTrent.com/446 make sure that you tag us and mention us on Instagram!

That's the best place to drive the conversation…

Now let's tune in to learn about this concept of mind vitamins and true freedom; even in the face of fear.


About Josh Trent

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