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How To Get On iTunes New & Noteworthy

How to Get Listed in iTunes New & Noteworthy Case Study with Wellness Force Radio

“The incredibly generous, knowledgeable, and fit Josh agreed to share his top 10 tips for getting listed on iTunes New & Noteworthy. Josh knows what he’s talking about. One month after launching his podcast, he has 144 reviews and is listed in New & Noteworthy, both for Health (ranking #3) and overall.” – Podcast Pop


Case Study with Josh Trent of Wellness Force Radio

1. Lead with passion. Create energetic, passionate and valuable niche-content with a clear strategy on who you want to reach and why you want to reach them. Let them feel it in your voice.

2. Do the work. Hire an editor or even beef up your audio-editing skills to make HQ sound that people will love to hear. If someone doesn’t like how you sound, they WILL unsubscribe. Don’t lose downloads over something you can directly control!

3. Ask for support. If you’re a heart centered entrepreneur who has been of service to your circle for years, then your close friends and family now have the opportunity to step up to the plate and support you with 2 minutes of their time. (If you get people brushing you off, consider why they would and how else you can be of service to them moving forward)

4. Ask for support again and again. Be tenacious. Make phone calls, email your list and create moments of vulnerability where you explain how much the iTunes reviews mean to you and your message. Do not stop until you get a “NO.” The true algorithm for iTunes is unknown but from what I can tell, if you get a consistent 3-5 reviews everyday, as well as at least 250-400 downloads per day, you will stay in the…

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Podcasting: How To Get On iTunes New And Noteworthy

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