Want Life Change? Why You Need A Why


It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Anyone feel like jumping yet?

Has the daily grind of workplace monotony zapped your motivation for 2012? Have your self-progress dreams been set on the back burner, getting colder than the back of the fridge?

Buzz of the 2012 Mayan calendar has fear-mongered our society into thinking of how they might live the “last days” until 12-21-12.


I'd like to take this time of media-biased paranoia and share what I believe actually needs to change before the end of our world; whenever it may be. (I would stockpile 85% dark chocolate in case you were wondering)

I believe that a shift in moral consciousness with our food supply, health care and wellness WILL take place in our lifetime. (I know YOU do too if you are reading this because wanting change within yourself is just a reflection of the change you want for the world)

So what is our personal role in this shift?

Is it the way in which we strive to connect, eat, live, help, learn with others, and how we can be more exceptional at it? Walk inside the office with me below: I'd like to talk to you about some policy changes today starting with ourselves.

After all, how can you change the world unless you work on YOU first? Let us identify the cause, realize the effect and call to action for the solution.


All human potential starts with a thought. Thoughts are electrical signals, similar to the efferent and afferent pathways to our muscles. The brain can be looked at very similar to a muscle; it does what task you make it, and usually grows back when torn down. (As long as you don't feed it Cheetos)

This cumulative thought-bank we deposit into on a daily basis depicts whether or not our frontal cortex and limbic brain can synergisticlaly bench press the iron plates of negativity on the frontal lobe. (seratonin, dopamine, attention-span) The take home is that thoughts become things. Literally.

Because You Think So

After a 9 year career in personal training and wellness consulting in the fitness industry, I've found that there is literally ONE determining factor as to why people succeed or don't succeed. Whether you are a sales client, fitpro, copywriter or even a mom wanting to do insanity videos to lose the muffin top, the number one reason that will make you stand atop the mountain of success is the power of your WHY.

Break It Down.

The Webster's definition of “why” is – “For what reason or purpose.”

In the quest for purpose, our lives will place us into supreme hardships that will challenge even the most rock-solid WHY's. This battle of the mind could be for a week, a month, or even years. These are no less than ultimate GROWTH opportunities disguised in black! They were placed there on purpose to galvanize your personal, exclusive and unique WHY.

Accept that these times can suck, breathe more and take only the shiny nuggets of zesty truth that come with them. I know, easier said then done, but you must make it a practice oh Daniel-Son. There is, however, some amazing news:

Tomorrow the sun will come up in the morning.

These nuggets could be a loss of a job, a break-up or even CORTISOL DYSREGULATION culminated in depression.

In order to stay strong, you must be truly connected to your passions.  When you get up tomorrow morning, tell yourself your WHY. Remind yourself about your true desire to want to talk, laugh, hug, eat, yell, play, work and connect with other people. This is the independent imprint that will be left on the walls for the next tribe on earth to read.

“The fact that you're even seeking to find your WHY is a huge step closer towards it; whether you believe it or not. So many working professionals in their lifetimes will avoid their WHY; deeply scared of the thought. After years of conditioned responses, hundreds of thousands of inauthentic conversations and bundles of nerves that have fused together to protect their fears, the brain becomes chemically assimilated.” -T. Bambino

Get closer to your WHY by answering the following sentence- How will the universe be affected by you? Will a book one day have this message printed- “Mr. or Mrs. ________ who empowered positive change and promoted personal growth in _______ by ______ and always aligned themselves with their passion in______ by tapping into their WHY.”

Studies show that the positive psychological anchors among the leading mentors in the wellness industry have the following top 5 WHY's for “doing” what they do-

1. Compassion For Others

2. Increased Quality Of Life

3. Self Expression Of Their Ideals

4. Empathy Towards The Needs Of Humanity

5. Personal Beliefs About Spirituality

Although it does take a large bankroll to make a massive impact in this modern day life, I don't see GET RICH on the list. Don't get me wrong though, as I believe a great service should equal a great reward accordingly. Let it be known that those who work hard to serve the needs of others while expanding their own mind deserve a beach house at La Jolla Shores and trips to Maui with coconut oil massages.

Paradise aside, you'll eventually be rewarded by using the power of your WHY through any adversity that comes your way. Rewards are truly deserved this way; in whatever capacity you might ask for. If you make it to the top of the mountain, who is to deny you the view?

Money can not be the sole purpose of your craft, service or product- it has to be your WHY. I'm not talking about why you want to have a mansion or a Ferrari. I'm also not talking about why you want to be what you want to be, rather, why you are what you already are.

“The way in which you make it to the top, with your integrity and self worth in tact and shining brightly, is the difference in true success and failure.” -T.Bambino

Seek & You Shall Find

Why is there such a negative stigma attached to spending time with oneself in modern society? We've all seemed to have lost the art of self-discovery. With the rise is digital media, there is a competition energy on-line that promotes running around doing something amazing in every moment to be “perceived” as being happy. These shallow kiddie-pool eustress based activities will only ever fulfill and make the topical living experience, well, topical.

It could be going to bars, doing shots, clubbing, staying up till 3am and forgetting where you are every Friday night. Whatever the motivation is, stop fronting. We all know your life is amazing on the computer screen but how do you really feel in a quiet room without your cell phone?

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing adherently wrong with having fun. In moderation, those crazy experiences will shape your better person by allowing you to experience a shade of grey you otherwise couldn't have ever contrasted with unless felt.

These party times, debauchery and loud shout outs are an important part of character development; but I've witnessed far too often that they become an escape from a reality that the thinker isn't willing to face.

It's not like you have to meditate in the ancient ruins or set to sea for 18 months to find your WHY. Chances are you just have to spend more time with yourself.

Don't worry, all the stuff you thought you cared about before now ( distractions from yourself ) will still be there. Even more so, they will probably be exactly the same as when you left if you choose to ever return. But you won't.

Stay true to your WHY.

Remember when you were a kid and you felt pure happiness in your chest.

Its still there.

Just sit quiet enough and you'll hear it.

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