Waking Up With Love

How can you wake up with more love?

Sitting down to complete the final edits of my post, I put it aside to create something completely new. This is coming through demanding attention – it’s what’s really firing me up right now.

There’s a powerful energy in my belly that’s calling to be heard, and fighting off a sore throat this past week tells me it wants to be spoken. So I listen to my Energetic Intelligence.

Many of you reading this will be my fellow Wellness Force tribe. I see you and I honour you for being a part of this journey together. And there may be others who are reading this through an online search or share; that or because it’s simply the right moment that you’ve been called toward this offering to help you to wake from a slumber.

Our Collective Awakening Over Time

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” (unverified author, ironically misattributed to Einstein over and over again)

As much as there’s much evidence of goodness in the world, there’s madness all around that keeps repeating itself over and over again. We think that over time, surely people are coming to understand that everything is connected – the way we think, act and love all goes back to what we take from and what we give back to people and all things on the planet.

Yet we still witness mindless consumption of things that are unhealthy for our bodies, minds, souls and for the environment. At what point do we choose to step out of this numbness that we’ve been sold as comfort and embrace true health and wellness for the benefit of all? As a part of the collective awakening, as part of this shift of consciousness that so many of us feel, so many are teetering on the edge of and many apparently remain in deep slumber.

Recognising Our Slumber For What It Truly Is

Let’s free this conversation from shame in recognising our slumber.

Many have been conditioned over generations to sit in the comfortable mess we’ve collectively created – so let’s approach this as a process of letting go and growing, embracing the new with purpose through our actions.

My warrior speaks from the heart while my gentle feminine cries from the soul with such desire to be heard for the sake of a world that’s less numb and more alive with vitality. While taking a break before finishing this edit, I scrolled past this wonderful TEDx talk by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg who presents an insightful and compelling call to action to wake the heck up without further delay. She affirms why I felt compelled to write this in the first place.

Our privilege to choose is affecting the wellbeing of all. How will you choose to act?

There’s no judgment of where anyone is at in this moment; we’re going through this together – simply at different times, paces, and processes of integration. Rather, this post is one of encouragement; that once we cross the line, there is a beautiful place where the perceived comfort of unconscious materiality we leave behind becomes joy, bliss and love well beyond what we think we know out of habit.

There are so many tools and incredible people to support each other on this journey, that now there are no more excuses.

If you’re afraid or ashamed to change, know there are people here to support and encourage you along the way. Those of us who’ve been on the journey, who know the contrast, can stand as warriors in support of those who are ready to enter the realm of awakening, of sovereignty, of dropping the sleepy madness that is causing depression, disconnection and anxiety en masse.


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make”. – Jane Goodall


3 Tools To Wake Up With More Love

Here are some of my favourite tools for raising awareness and emotional intelligence, aligning with conscious people and gaining a sobering understanding of consumption that affects our wellness:

To break free from the conditioning of unhealthy consumption, tune in to what moves you. Listen to or play music, dance, move your body, meditate, do breath work, express gratitude, do what brings you joy – let your neurotransmitters work for you. These free feel-good chemicals are the best motivators – serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin reward you for doing things that connect you to yourself, with others and the world around you;

Take an honest look at your lifestyle and your environment – the world that you’re responsible for creating.

Eliminate that which is no longer required, simplify and remove toxic materials and cleaning products. Break the habit of buying unnecessary things that may be keeping you in debt – The Minimalists can help get you there. Reading Cradle to Cradle by McDonough and Braungart will shift your reality by understanding where ‘things’ go when we produce, use and dispose of them and how they either help or hinder our wellness;

As a Wellness Force Ambassador, I may be slightly biased, however, the wisdom sharing on Wellness + Wisdom is second to none, so embrace this as a tool for awakening. My personal favourite on this topic is the series with the one and only Paul Chek. His frankness will tell you what his experience knows – it’s time for people to get real about what matters.

These three tools may seem simple, yet there are still so many holding onto the attachment of that which doesn’t serve them, the broader community and planet earth – of which we appear as a species to be rather ungracious guests.

Creating A Sustainable Environment For All

Emotional intelligence tells us there’s a different way to be. Feel the freedom of the energy when you decide to let go. This is the key to abundance. People speak about wanting to manifest. Firstly they must be grateful and appreciate what they have and give back.

Are you giving back to the communities you learn from, are you giving back to the forests you journey into, are you giving back for the fruits of life you’re enjoying? These are the keys to abundance and co-creation.

If you need to take the lead in your home, in your family or with your friends be brave, you are supported in creating an intentional way of living. We weren’t put on this earth simply to take or to create things that choke the earth, the air, the waterways – the elements of nature that have nurtured the existence of human life since its beginnings.

I would bet that each of us, including myself who comes from a cradle-to-cradle sustainable design background, could make at least one choice today that would reduce our impact on waste or increase our impact on giving back.

We’re all in this together and we all need to keep reminding each other by continuing to show up in the most open, loving, connected, giving and generous ways that are awake. And sometimes we need to take a risk in speaking up because somebody just might need that nudge right now. Most of us could do with a gentle reminder to check our daily habits in our mindset, our actions, our environment and to hold ourselves accountable to reclaiming our time on this earth as sacred.

About The Author | Amber Ward

Amber Ward of Life UnLtd

Amber Ward is a transformational mentor whose unique ability is matching people’s energy with their mission.

Using a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, she draws upon ancient wisdom neuroscience, quantum physics and new technologies sharing the art & science of understanding your Energetic Intelligence. She guides people to integrate proven tools in the day-to-day through her Optimized SSelf-program

As a Credentialed Practitioner in Coaching, Amber’s colourful career also includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Visual Arts where she ran a successful cradle-to-cradle design practice that was informed by her love of all things mindful, minimal, functional and healthy for people and the planet – a philosophy that continues to run through her wellness practice today.

In addition, Amber has many years of experience in business operations and project management that enabled her to put her skills into action on the frontline of high performing teams.

Amber’s been a meditator since her early teens and believes a wellbeing toolkit is an ever-evolving abundance of resources that should be put to use each day. She loves exploring most things biohacking, consciousness hacking and being an unashamed self-love queen who will happily teach you how to be your own cheerleader for inner resilience.

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