Vylana Marcus: Sacred Sexuality, Eroticism + How To Be In Your Full Fu*k

Vylana Marcus is a medicine woman, singer, Tahitian dancer, and Fit For Service fellowship coach. She guides people through the realization of their potential using heart-centered modalities…

And as a sound alchemist, she uses sound science to facilitate personal transformation and liberate people from the stories that keep them from living in the truth of their magnificence.

This podcast will go down as one of my all-time favorites, and for the very first time, we had a live performance from Vylana with her Angelic medicine voice and her Tibetan sound bowl to kick off the show.

I promise you if you have ever been curious about how to be in your full expression, and this goes for both men and women, through the vehicle of pure sacred sex, and pure eroticism as a bridge to higher consciousness, this podcast is going to deliver so much wisdom and so much wellness that by the end of it your life has the potential to be changed forever.

The Imbalance of Masculine + Feminine Energy

I have a question for you. When you hear the word “sex”, what do you feel? What do you think about? For 20+ years of my life, I was struggling with pornography and unconscious sex.

I can look back with compassion on my previous self and give him a hug because he simply did not know what he did not know when it came to sex.

Now as a father and a podcast host with my guest, Vylana Marcus, you are in for an incredible mind and heart expansion where you will learn about the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energy in this world, the intelligence of anger, and how we need to feel our sacred anger in order to express it.

Vylana explains truly what a goddess is and goddess energy that is being called 4th and the world through the archetype of the goddess. And we'll dig into eroticism, sexuality, and sensuality, what is sacred sex, and what it means to f*** the world open.

Heal Your Toxic Relationships + Trauma

Obviously, you can tell by now this is not for children so if you listen to a podcast with kids, this is not a podcast for them. But it is a podcast to heal the child inside of you, especially if you have any wounding around sexuality.

If you've ever been through any sexual trauma, share this episode with somebody you know who you feel would benefit from reclaiming their sexuality. A man that's trying to understand feminine energy, a woman that's trying to open up the hidden sexual energy inside of her…

We all need the courage to heal through toxic relationships and communication barriers that we've experienced to find our darkness which is where our superpower actually lies. And Vylana is going to share how she has moved through her own darkness to heal her wounds.

We'll explore so much about sacred sex and pleasure and a concept that I think you'll really enjoy called pseudo-Eros or pseudo eroticism which is fascinating.

Support Wellness + Wisdom Podcast

You can download Vylana's music on Spotify, or you can head over to the show notes page at JoshTrent.com/506 and get to know her on a much more intimate level.

It's one of my favorite podcast episodes as we say goodbye to 2022 and say hello to 2023. What are you calling in? If you're single, are you calling in sacred sexuality? If you're in an intimate relationship, how can you tap into the potential? Pure eroticism brings a bridge to higher consciousness.

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Now let's tune in right up front with a beautiful song sung by Vylana Marcus.



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