Using New Technology To Let Go of Old Weight

using technology to let go of old weight episode 39

On today's show, we're flipping the tables where I'm interviewed by JJ Flizanes on Wellness + Wisdom where we discuss how to use new wellness technology in our busy modern lives to drive better results and breakthrough old (and sometimes even longstanding) weight and performance plateaus.

Through increased accountability, 2016 is the year we will all look back on and remember as a major turning point.

The current global market for wellness and fitness wearables is growing faster than expected. A recent study published by Forrester research shows one out of every five Americans now uses a wearable device.

blaze let go of old weightPresident Barack Obama has even adopted the connected fitness lifestyle by proudly donning the Fitbit SURGE fitness watch in press photos while walking in the White House garden.

But when it comes to these exciting new technologies giving us new tools to fight against poor health, obesity, and sedentary living, one powerful question surfaces:

Who exactly are you and what are you trying to do?

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Companies around the world know this, and in turn, have been hard at work creating products in the health and wellness industry that are changing the game of balancing family, fitness, and responsibility with more ease for moms and dads.

In the past 100 years, men, women and children alike have all grown accustomed to using the tools yielded by rapidly growing technology around the pain point of wanting to be more and do more with and for the people they love.

Since the early 1900's, and especially since the advent of personal computing, the law of accelerating returns has proven to drive consumers not only to use machines and circuits to produce more economically, but also connect in ways never dreamed possible.

Now, in 2016 and the age of mass distractions and helicopter parenting, wearable and wellness technology are giving moms a fighting chance to stay on top of how they show up for their family by first tracking how the show up for themselves.

Wellness Tools

iphone let go of old weightFitbit – The dominant fitness tracker manufacturer is a four billion dollar company out of San Francisco named Fitbit. As the global leader of wearable devices, Fitbit has changed course in 2016 to point more towards the . Beyond simply counting steps, distance, heart rate and the number of hours slept, they are now positioning insights for corporate wellness programs to offer much more detailed and insightful analysis of activity and health.

Muse – As mindfulness and meditation both continue to grow in scientific efficacy for both stress reduction and lowering cortisol, people using quantified meditation devices like the Muse brain-sensing headband now have a way to encourage and track stress reduction practices for sustainable behavior change.

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