Top Fitness Apps To Get You Results

Looking for a new app to explore to help you reach those fitness goals you set this year?  There are so many fitness apps out there but which ones really bring results?

Top Fitness Apps To Get You Results

Fitness apps now help provide you with everything you need to get those results you want, but of course the app won't make those gains for you, that is down to you. From dietary, to online coaching, there are a wide range of fitness app categories for you to choose from, and many apps in each that can cater to your needs. Sometimes it's difficult to choose the right one, when every one of them claim to be the best. This is the reason why I decided to write this article, to help you block out the noise and find the best fitness apps for you!

I will run through some of the best fitness apps to get you the results you deserve. I have broken them down into different categories to help you find the right match for you. All these fitness techs have gone about solving the problem of improving your fitness in their own way.

Some apps rely on the power of the fitness community, whereas others offer you online coaching services, all powerful in their own way, it’s up to you to decide which works best for you. So without further ado (and in no particular order), here is my list:

Fitness Community

Being part of a fitness community is a great way to receive support from other like-minded fitness enthusiasts. As well as being the perfect place to share your progress and journey, as you are all in the same boat aiming to improve your fitness levels.


Pumpup is a fitness community of more than 4 million users that allows you to share your workout / progress pictures with members of the community, who can provide you with the support you need to reach your goals.

The app allows you to share your journey as you progress towards the fitness goals, and with 4 million of members from over 150 countries providing you with 24/7 support groups, Pumpup is an online fitness community tailored for all of its members to succeed. The motivation alone provided by the community is enough in many cases for those users who are struggling to reach their goals to gain that extra will power.

Weilos (Freemium)

Weight loss is one of the most popular targets for those aiming to improve their fitness, and Weilos is a community for those who wish to solely concentrate on losing weight. The app is full of members who have successfully lost weight, and who provide before and after pictures of their transformations to help support those on the app currently trying too.

Weilos connects you with real dieters, who have all together lost a combined weight of over 500,000 lbs. Stay motivated with a stream of media from other users who have achieved your goals, and find healthy food images and motivational quotes to help you along the way.

Fitness Tracking and Analysis

Tracking your fitness is a fantastic way to keep up to date with your progress, but also to analyse your weak points, and to discover areas for improvement. If you have a fitness goal, it's always good to know where you're at and to see if you're on track to where you want to be. Now the way to track your fitness is a personal decision as there are so many different ways. I have surveyed people asking them how they currently track their fitness and some have gone on to say the old school pen and paper although there are so many fantastic apps at their disposable. But at the end of the day it’s all about what works best for you. Below are two of my personal favourites.

Map My Fitness
(Freemium, Premium)

Map My Fitness is an in depth app that allows you to track over 600 different types of workouts. Alternatively you can also import the workout data you manually recorded to view at a later time. An Activity graph shows your steps, sleep, workouts and more all in one.

Map My Fitness allows you to record your workouts through GPS, and view detailed statistics on your workouts. Additionally, it offers you the opportunity to connect your workout statistics with over 400 devices, where you can then sync your account with other health and nutrition apps, providing a complete fitness tracking service.

Endomondo (Freemium, Premium)

A great fitness tracker for you joggers is Endomondo. This app uses your phones GPS to precisely record not just the distance that you run, but also the pace. You can then link the app with other devices, such as an Apple Watch, and share your workout information with other friends for them to see as well.

With a Premium subscription, you can set a running target of 5K, 10K or a marathon, and Endomondo will coach you with a personal training plan to help you reach your goals. Not simply for joggers, Endomondo also allows you to track more than 40 sports, not just the usual walking, running and cycling.

Workout Discovery

One of the best ways to improve your overall fitness is by working out with different exercises. This is why workout discovery apps are so useful, as they give you the opportunity to find new workouts that you may not have experienced before. It's both mentally and physically beneficial to spice up your workout out routines from time to time.

Fitness Buddy (Freemium, Premium)

Fitness Buddy is a workout discovery app that provides you with over 1700+ exercises targeting a variety of different body parts depending on what the user would like to improve. Additionally, there are over a 1000 videos explaining how each of the exercises can be performed, giving you the guidance to perform each exercise correctly.

Fitness Buddy has exercises for all the major gym equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells etc, and also categorizes body parts (core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio and stretches) so you know where each exercise targets. Along with 1000+ videos to instruct you, there are also 4000 images, to ensure you have the best knowledge possible to perform the exercises that can help you reach your goals.

7 Minute Home Workout (Freemium)

7 Minute Home Workout provides you with a fresh new way to improve your fitness. This app can be used at anytime, and in most places. As the titles describes, you only need to 7 minutes a day to allow yourself to gain the most from a range of effective workouts.

The 7 Minute workouts gives users scientific exercises with visual instructions, and a timer which tells you how long each workout needs to be performed for. A unique take on improving fitness, 7 Minute Workout does not offer long drawn out exercise techniques, but a number of scientific exercises designed to maximise the effort of your workouts. Amazingly 7 minutes a day is all the time you need.


Adding a game style element to fitness is one of the most effective ways to stimulate your progression. By adding a fun and competitive edge, this allows many people to see the fun side to their workouts, and lowers the chances of becoming bored and unmotivated.

Zombie Run (Freemium, Premium)

Zombie Run is an app for joggers, but with a fun twist of playing a zombie survival game. Zombie Run combines the music from your playlist, with the script of their zombie game, to provide the user with an incentive to up the pace during certain parts of their run. There are several narratives available on the game, providing fresh excitement during each run, and also supplies that can be collected along the way.

Zombie Run immerses users in to the game after just 100 yards, and from there on out turns every jog in to an adventure. Co-created with an award winning novelist, the immersive drama is a different spin on the average jog, and gives an incentive to use it more and more. Your runs can also be shared online through its Zombie Link service, where runs, maps and statistics can be shared.

Nike+ Running app (Freemium)

Another competitive running app is the Nike+ Running app. As well as tracking your progress, this app allows you to record your best times over certain distances, and places them on a leader board, where you can compare yourself against not just your friends, but players from around the world, giving you a competitive target to aim for.

There isn’t a much better motivator then friendly competition, and so along with sharing your runs for your friends to see your best times, you can also challenge them to go toe-toe in a Nike+ Challenge. Simply set the distance, invite your friends and race to the finish. Nike offers a great way to keep the competitive juices flowing, and improve your fitness at the same time.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition are key to improving fitness, as they provide you with the fuel to perform at your optimum. Working out is only half the battle, without a good diet regime in place, it will be difficult to provide your body with the nutrients needed to really hit those fitness targets. Remember a healthier lifestyle does not end in the gym!

My Fitness Pal (Freemium, Premium)

MyFitnessPal is one of the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter apps out right now. With a database of over 5,000,000 foods, you can track your breakfast, lunch and dinner to see what calories and nutrients you have taken for the day.The app also allows you to scan bar codes of foods you've bought to add its nutritional facts.

Keep track of what you’re eating during the day by searching the foods in My Fitness Pals large database, and also add meals. My Fitness Pal also features a Recipe importer that that lets you import recipes you find on the web. Track all major nutrients, and additionally receive personalised goals based on your individual diet profile, or even enter your own goals if you’ve had specific recommendations.

8fit (Freemium, Premium)

8fit is an app that customizes diet plans for you based on your required goals. Depending on what your quantified self goals are, 8fit helps you to reach them by providing you with not only full meal plans, but also foods to eat and avoid.

Whether it is fat loss, perfect carb control or losing water weight, 8fit gives you the solution. You can also filter diets to specify your needs, in categories such as paleo, vegan, vegetarian, the Atkins diet and many more. By simply explaining the sometimes confusing world of nutrition, supplements and diets, 8fit simplifies nutrition for the average person, and gives you the perfect recipe to gain results.

Online Coaching

This can specifically help to get you the results you want, but without you having to worry about creating workouts for yourself. Online coaching is becoming increasingly popular as you can now be trained by top coaches from around the world for a fraction of the price. If you don't mind not having the coach by your side whilst your working out but are looking for someone who can guide you through your journey, this could be just for you.

Freelectics (Freemium, Premium)

Freeletics offers workouts developed by scientists and athletes, anytime and anywhere. There is no need for equipment, as several of the workouts they provide use your own bodyweight. Each week you are given your own personalized training plan and workouts tailored to your individual fitness level, to help you reach your goals.

Freeletics 15-45 minute long workouts,  are incredibly effective, and as they are tailored to your goals, they will target the areas required to get you the results you want. Share your progress with a community of over 7 million athletes, and follow slow motion video instructions to help you master the perfect form for your exercises.

Fitocracy (Freemium, Premium)

Fitocracy is a fitness app which allows you to work with expert trainers, and aims to help you to reach your fitness goals. Workouts are provided from fitness coaches, who have plans specifying which areas of fitness their plan will improve and the necessary steps required to get there. With a concentrated user base of top online coaches, Fitocracy is the perfect place for you to find an online coach to tailor your workouts for you, and to expertly help to get you the goals that you want.

Fitocracy offers free workout routines from the best fitness coaches, whether you’re at home or at the gym. Join fitness teams led by expert trainers who provide personalized workouts and programs. Coaches will take you through an assessment in order to create your personal plan for success, and from here can know the exact specific requirements needed to get you exactly where you want to be.

The Combination

Fiitizens (Freemium)

Its always interesting for me when i come across a fitness app which is uniquely different from the rest. Last week i joined a fitness app named Fiitizens. The special thing about this app is that it does not fall into one of these categories, but they pride themselves in the fact that they fall into 5 of the categories mentioned above. Fiitizens is a new start up app that allows you to record your workouts for up to 60 seconds and then post them to a community of fitness enthusiasts. However it doesn't stop there, Fiitizens has created a gamification system around this where the video viewers will then rate your video out of 5 stars, giving you stars to collect to level up, rank-up and unlock achievement within the Fiitizens game.

So the more workout videos you post, the more stars you collect and the better your level on the game will be. On your user profile you get Fiitizens statistic which give you an analysis of your performance within their fitness game, which is great as it visually shows you areas to improve and motivates you to work harder! The Fiitizens community can also comment on your videos offering motivation, praise and even tips for improvement. Now this is an interesting and outside the box way of tracking your workout progress, in comparison to the conventional number crunching, but in saying that, there are many pro athletes that believe video recording your workouts is the best way! It allows you to playback your workout and analyse it for improvement and really follow your fitness journey from beginning to end.

Now this is not all, as Fiitizens at its root is a fitness video sharing app, it has new fitness videos posted daily for others to explore. Now if you're not the type to record your workouts, you will still find value in this app as the workout discovery is pretty much limitless. With so many uploading fitness videos, you will be sure to discover new fitness exercises to try on the app from likeminded fitness enthusiasts. I've personally seen personal trainers, as well as fitness competitors using the app, so you'll be sure to be educated and entertained. They have designed a filter system on the app to help you find the videos or users you are looking to support on the app. Categories such as; calisthenics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strong woman and many more can be found. Anyone looking to showcase or discover new workouts and have fun doing it, Fiitizens is worth checking out.

The Round Off

So that’s my list of the top fitness apps to get you results. As you can see they are all very different but help you get results in their own way. It is a personal choice for you which app suits you best and helps you reach your fitness goals. Maybe you’re looking for social motivation from a fitness community, or maybe you are looking to spice up your workouts with new exercises to try out.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and feel free to add your favorite fitness apps in the comments as I would love to hear what app gets you the results!


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18 Responses

  1. Hey Trent, what do you think of I’ve been using it to host my online training programs for my individual clients and plan on using it for groups soon.

  2. Hey Trent, what do you think of I’ve been using it to host my online training programs for my individual clients and plan on using it for groups soon.

  3. Never used it. What’s your experience Ambrose?

  4. Never used it. What’s your experience Ambrose?

  5. Little, for now. I have a few individual clients using it and I’m hosting my next group coaching program on it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  6. Little, for now. I have a few individual clients using it and I’m hosting my next group coaching program on it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  7. Ambrose, I’ve had phenomenal results using Nudge. I spoke on a webinar early this year about the difference between a coach and a trainer. Hope this helps on your journey! Cheers to you in WI!

  8. Ambrose, I’ve had phenomenal results using Nudge. I spoke on a webinar early this year about the difference between a coach and a trainer. Hope this helps on your journey! Cheers to you in WI!

  9. Hey Trent, really glad you mentioned Fitocracy. It’s a great app, particularly for its social engagement.
    I also use ActivityTracker for tracking my daily activity.
    It’s free, so whoever’s interested can check it out.

  10. Hey Trent, really glad you mentioned Fitocracy. It’s a great app, particularly for its social engagement.
    I also use ActivityTracker for tracking my daily activity.
    It’s free, so whoever’s interested can check it out.

  11. Hey Trent! Thanks for sharing, Really helpful

    Moftare also wrote a post on ‘Top Fitness Apps’ which compliments this list and could be useful for Fitness Freaks

  12. Hey Trent! Thanks for sharing, Really helpful

    Moftare also wrote a post on ‘Top Fitness Apps’ which compliments this list and could be useful for Fitness Freaks

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