Top 10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Your Mood

Are you trying to find a way to improve your mood? If that is the case, then you are one of the thousands of people out there who are facing a similar problem.

Due to the fact that having issues with things like work-life balance and loneliness have both become pretty commonplace, feeling sad and out of sorts has become easy to come by. Fortunately, there are many scientifically proven ways to boost your mood. If you want to know what they are, then you are in the right place!

In this article, you will find a list of such ways, ranging from treating yourself and going out for a walk to decluttering and giving someone that you love a very nice hug. Take a look at it and discover how to become a happier and healthier person!


Treat Yourself to Something Nice

When you are in a bad mood, it is very easy to dwell on the things that went wrong. You tell yourself that if only you did this or that, the situation could be improved. However, instead of dwelling on the negative things, you should treat yourself to something nice. You could visit online store to freshen up your wardrobe or go to a shopping mall to purchase something you’ve been wanting for so long.

This will not only make you feel better about yourself, but it will also stop your mind from thinking about the negative and improve your mood.

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Go Out for a Walk

Another scientifically proven way to boost your mood is to go out for a walk. Studies have shown that walking is a great activity when it comes to enhancing your mood. It does not matter if you walk around your block or take a long walk through the park. As long as you do it regularly, it will help you feel better.


Spend More Time With Friends and Family

One of the best ways to get rid of all those sad feelings is to spend more time with friends and family. When you have people that care about you and love you by your side, there is no way that you can feel blue for too long. Go out for dinner with your friends or family, or simply give them a call. It is a great way to improve your mood!


Try Writing Down Your Thoughts and Emotions

Studies have shown that writing down all of your thoughts and emotions can be a great way to get rid of all of the negative feelings that you might be experiencing at this moment in time. The simple act of writing down everything that is bothering you will help you clear your mind and let go of all of those negative thoughts.


Do Something Nice For Someone Else

The greatest way to boost your mood and improve your well-being is to do something nice for someone else. The good thing about this is that doing something nice does not necessarily mean spending lots of money on someone. It can be anything – from sending flowers to your mom to giving a homeless person some food. The point is that doing something nice for someone else will help you feel better about yourself and your life in general.


Drink Green Tea

As strange as it may seem, drinking green tea is another way to boost your mood and make yourself feel happier and healthier. It has been proven that green tea is a natural mood booster, and it contains many antioxidants that can help protect your body against various diseases. It is definitely worth the try!


Listen to Music You Like

Another thing that can help you improve your mood is listening to music that you like. In order to really enjoy the music, make sure that you listen to it using high-quality headphones or just put on some speakers and turn up the volume really loud!


Eat Healthy Foods

What we eat affects our moods in many ways. As strange as it may seem, eating healthy foods can actually help us feel happier and more positive than ever before!

You should opt for foods like sweet potatoes, beans, and quinoa as those increase serotonin in the brain. Animal-based proteins might also increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. Your diet significantly affects your mood, energy levels, and focus.


Read a Book

Reading books may seem like a pretty old-fashioned way of spending your free time, but it is definitely worth giving it a try! Instead of watching television or scrolling through social media, pick up a book and read for a while. It will not only make you smarter, but it will also help you forget all about the problems in your life and make you feel better about yourself!


Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home is another great way to boost your mood. Removing all of those unnecessary things from your house will create more space for new things. It might be difficult to live in a tiny apartment with no storage space whatsoever, but keeping only what you need will definitely help improve your mood and make you feel better about yourself!



Combating depression is a challenge, but with the tips mentioned above, it will get much easier. Remember to focus on your well-being and try to ignore the dark thoughts. You should distract yourself from negativity by exercising, reading, walking, and other healthy activities.

You should never put up with your depression; instead, you should keep trying to beat the gloomy thoughts one way or another.


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