Tony Wrighton: Energy, Vitality, & NLP

Tony Wrighton

Does the language we use directly relate to the quality of our vitality and health?

What words or behaviors can we use to anchor healthy habits that stick?

On today's episode, NLP practitioner Tony Wrighton stops by Wellness + Wisdom to uncover the secrets behind getting more energy and vitality through neuro linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, and how he overcame a life-threatening illness by using these powerful tools.

Tony is a UK-based wellness expert, personal development author and Sky Sports host, with one of the most widely-downloaded self help podcasts/apps in the country. In addition, he's authored 19 books/audiobooks including three best sellers tied to improving your motivation, your vitality and your life. His brand platform, Zestology, draws hundreds of thousands each months, across his website/blog, podcast and popular app.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Tony started using NLP techniques in his UK radio program to get more people listening, listening longer, and having better feelings about their listening. This episode is Part I of the episode II that I recorded on the Zestology Podcast.

This is the episode for you if you are curious about self tracking, NLP, getting more energy, vitality and manage your moods to live a more rewarding life.

What is NLP?

  • NLP studies how people do things well.
  • NLP is a set of skills that improves your communication with other people (and yourself).
  • NLP helps you manage your moods and run your own life more successfully.
  • NLP can help with your personal development and the development of others.
  • NLP is used a lot in business, self-improvement, sport, sales, therapy, and coaching.

NLP Technique example 1 – AnchoringNLP Technique example 2 – HypnosisTony Robbins

is probably the world's foremost personal development trainer. He does not call his methods NLP, but originally trained with Richard Bandler and there are similarities in the approach.

From Sickness To Vitality & Health

Tony was struck down by a virus a year ago while on holiday in the jungle in the middle of nowhere and ended up having three months off work, and basically in bed. The doctors said it might be glandular fever, but they didn't really know. It was a scary time, and since then, Tony has really focused on his health and energy as he slowly fought back to full health.

“I was struck down by a virus while on holiday in the jungle in the middle of nowhere. I ended up having three months off work, and basically in bed.”

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