The Native Path: Dr. Chad Walding

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The Native Path: Dr. Chad Walding

“The NativePath is a journey; it's an invitation to go down a journey to reclaim your health and remember who you really are. As a species and an individual, we've forgotten who we are because we've been brought into this world where we've been given a name and a label. We're taught who we are as far as race, political ideology, or religion and we get caught up in those things. We also might get caught up in our diseases and think that's who we are. Eventually, all of this starts to manifest itself as a little voice inside our heads. So at NativePath, we're trying to remove all of that and give people a way out so they can realize that they're the creator of their life.” – Dr. Chad Walding

What is the key to staying curious about your own mental, physical, and spiritual wellness

In Wellness + Wisdom episode 211, physical therapist; health and wellness Entrepreneur; and Co-Founder of Lexicon Health including the brands: NativePath, Sitting Solution, and Paleo Secret, Dr. Chad Walding uncovers the different levels of depression and anxiety that can vary from person to person; how sitting not only affects our body, but mind as well; and the relationship between being healthy and having a supportive community.

Find out how you can get on the right path to discovering what will fulfill you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

Find Your NativePath

Learn more about NativePath and their products here

NativePath is the culmination of over 50+ years of experience in studying human health. We are on a mission to return human health and vitality by changing the way we eat, move, think and live.

From home health care for patients ravaged by degenerative neurological and chronic disease all the way to the coaching of elite athletes, we have seen a clear pattern—how people eat, think and move affects everything.

Immune function, energy levels, mood, body composition, skin, longevity, you name it.

We have seen what many may consider miracles of healing – disease reversed, health and vitality regained, the opportunity to live a fully functional life that we all deserve.

Through this experience, we bring products and services that provide the framework for humans to return to their native health and natural way of being.

Native Path

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Listen To Episode 211 As Dr. Chad Walding Uncovers:

  • The sitting cycle we've become so accustomed to which actually impacts us on a deep, spiritual level.
  • His childhood and how the high levels of emotional anger in his home environment affected both him and his brother.
  • The adolescent and young adult depression he faced growing up.
  • Generational depression and anxiety we could be experiencing without realizing it.
  • His own struggles with self-love and feeling worthy.
  • The different levels of depression and anxiety that can vary from person to person.
  • Our search for life fulfillment and how he is able to fill that need through giving and learning.
  • What he and the NativePath and Lexicon Health brands want to teach people about wellness.
  • His own path towards coming aware of who he truly is despite all the labels, media, and his own ego telling him otherwise.
  • How teaching about health and wellness throughout his community helped him realize his true purpose and shifted his paradigm.
  • His regular practices including a daily intention of what he wants to accomplish in 90 days.
  • Why we're all empaths no matter if we're actually paying attention to it or not.
  • His relationship with his wife and how he knew he would marry her the moment he met her.
  • The journey he and his wife went through when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • His future plans as he continues to help people become more aware of how they can focus on their own health.
  • Why you have to meet people on their level in order to sell them what they want and give them what they need.
  • The importance of community when helping people to focus on changing their life.
  • What he's the most excited about for the future of health and wellness.
  • Where our self-doubt comes from that is holding us back from living a healthy life.
  • How we can be more intentional about watching TV, being on social media, and getting tasks done.

Power Quotes From The Show

“We're on a mission to help the individual cultivate happiness, health, and kindness within themselves as well as spread those ideas to their community. We want to let people know that they were brought up in a world with a lot of toxicity – their food, the way they've been moving, and the thoughts they've been thinking have all been inherited but that's not who they are; they're not a victim and we're going to show them a way out. It's almost like we were born into a room with toxic perfume. The more time we spend in that room, the sooner we become desensitized to its toxicity. We're trying to get people out of that room to help them discover who they really are.” – Dr. Chad Walding 

“As someone who was working in the conventional healthcare system, I felt like I had no purpose. However, what that experience was doing was just showing me what's actually happening in healthcare and building up a desire to change something about it. That experience was exactly what I needed and it was my purpose even though I didn't know it was my purpose. Back then I didn't understand why I was in that situation but now I do.” – Dr. Chad Walding 

“I always try to live in a state of wonder. I literally wake up every day and say, ‘May I be in a state of wonder?' I always wonder about other people and how they're doing, how things might be occurring to them, or even how the universe works. Our curiosity is quite infinite but that's what makes it fun. Isn't learning so much fun when we're in that state of wonder?” – Dr. Chad Walding

The most astounding CHOICE you’re always making…

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About Dr. Chad Walding

Dr. Chad WaldingChad Walding is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, holistic health, and fitness coach, lifetime athlete, and speaker.  He’s committed to helping people transform their lives through better ways of eating, moving and thinking.

As a physical therapist, he specializes in treating the spine and helping to restore optimal functional movement.

Chad is a certified Level I Coach with Optimum Performance Training as well as a Level 2 Russian Kettlebell instructor. He holds certifications in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (Level 1), Crossfit (Level 1), Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfit Endurance.

Chad enjoys good food, kettlebells, meditation, yoga, walks in nature with their dog Maya, and spending time with family and friends.

Lexicon Health is a Health and Wellness publishing company and a premier online consumer resource for the latest innovative solutions related to health, diet, nutrition, and exercise from top industry experts and leading practitioners. The Lexicon Health Family of Brands includes the Paleo Secret™, Sitting Solution™, The Fat Loss Accelerator™, Your Health 360™, the Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook™, and Cooking with Coconut™.

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