The Law of ONE: Healing Spiritual Sickness With A Secret Code

Aaron Abke is an explorer of consciousness, God, and faith. That's the best way I guess I could describe him from knowing him in the time that I have. He spreads the message about the law of one and the seven densities of consciousness which was a new insight for me and I really loved this conversation with Aaron.

Aaron is a spiritual teacher and conscious influencer, born and raised as a pastor son and the Silicon Valley of California. At 27 years old, he had a spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life.

He was working as a signed fitness model in San Francisco and competing at the national level in men's bodybuilding to burn it all down to the ground and seek self-realization instead.

Now Aaron's passion is teaching about unity, consciousness, and spiritual awakening via YouTube, social media, master classes, and workshops.

Oneness + The Law of One

He invited our family to his wedding and I got to see the power and the presence of Aaron and his wife, Selena. It was such a gift to be able to watch a man who has dedicated his life to serving others with the law of one and see the results of his teachings live and in person, in real-time.

I could feel the love it was palpable and I know you're going to feel it from him too. This was one of my favorite conversations with Aaron Abke.

If you have been exploring how to access higher states of consciousness this is the perfect episode for you with a no-fluff and practical approach to how to transform your faith in God. And I don't mean a bearded white man in the sky! I mean the law of one which will get right into at the beginning of this podcast.

We will also talk about the seven densities of Consciousness and a key question: How are you living in oneness or dualism? We will also explore how to use your pain to create peace and happiness as well as Kundalini awakening and the embodiment of love.

“All things exist in relationship in the universe. You can't find anything in the universe that isn't in relationship to something. The implications of that means that oneness is the highest truth of the universe. Any degree to which we're living out of alignment with the law of one, you're going to suffer because you're fighting reality and you're contradicting reality.” – Aaron Abke

Join 4D University with Aaron Abke

No matter your background in religion or if you're a spiritual person or a logical person, you're going to get so much from this episode.

And if this episode resonates (which if you're here with us I feel like it will),  you can join the Online Academy for Consciousness expansion with Aaron Abke in his 4D University. He gave a beautiful 10% discount on your membership. Just go to the link and your discount will be automatically applied.

Aaron has created this course for you with the most potent teachings and practices available in a systematic format that allows for maximum integration.

The 4D University teaches and facilitates the expansion of human consciousness and is a resource for anyone who wishes to fulfill their soul's purpose and graduate to the fourth density.

Let's drop in with the one and only, the wise and the well, Aaron Abke.


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