The Best Nootropics to Defeat Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety, stress and depression are common emotional conditions that anyone can experience.

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We all go through daily struggles that can sometimes reach our breaking point and result to a stressful and anxious state. If it becomes constant, it can potentially fall to depression which is an even worse case. Thus, most of us rely on activities and/or habits that can take our minds off stressful situations.


Natural Ways

When it comes to addressing anxiety, stress and depression, many people would align on some habits that are effective stress-relievers. Apart from habits, there are also supplements that we can use to help us with these conditions. Here are the best ways to defeat stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation can overcome anxiety and stress

Besides the best nootropics, meditation has been used for many years in terms of relaxation, refreshing the body and re-aligning the mind and body. It is an effective way to overcome anxiety and stress for many people. Through clearing the mind, one can achieve relaxation and feel significantly serene.

This procedure is commonly done when you are alone and in a quiet area. You can choose any area of your liking as long as it gives you relaxation. Medication is mostly used for stress and anxiety conditions that have been going on for days or a few weeks.

Exercise can reduce anxiety and stress

One popular way to relieve anxiety and stress, and one that is used by many is to exercise. For some, it could mean taking out their frustration on the punching bags and lifting weights. To others, as simple as jogging and cardio exercise can alleviate stress.

Exercise is an effective stress and anxiety reliever because it gives your body and minds something else to focus on other than what is originally causing your anxiety. Sweating out calories can be a metaphorical way of saying that you are also sweating out the stress.

Nootropics: dealing with anxiety, depression and stress

One popular use of nootropics is to fight stress, anxiety and depression. Since these are common experiences for people, having a supplement that can fight off negative emotions without needing to go through medical or mental extremities and a supplement without the side effects is appealing and fascinating.

Nootropics is widely used in many countries as an effective drug for cognitive enhancement and helping a person to have a positive outlook. Nootropics is known as ‘mood enhancers’, meaning it addresses mood problems which can be a primary cause of anxiety, depression and stress.

Here are some nootropics widely used to fight these mood conditions:

L-Theanine helps alleviate anxiety and stress

L-Theanine is a popular and widely used substance that helps with mood enhancement and alleviating anxiety and stress. This substance is extracted from tea leaves that are popular in East Asia.

A 250 mg dose of L-Theanine is enough to help a person relax and improve the mood. Apart from helping with mood conditions, it has reportedly also shown significant help on cardiovascular problems and cancer. Generally, this substance produces a relaxing effect to the person without feeling drowsy.

Phenibut to help with relaxation

Phenibut is considered a tranquilizer and nootropics that was originally introduced in Russia. This nootropics is known to be cognitive enhancing and can improve brain performance to alleviate stress. It stimulates dopamine and processes a neurotransmitter that is responsible for improving an individual’s mood, making him/her feel happy, positive and motivated.

Phenibut is also known to be a “calming nootropics”, meaning it fights away the feelings of stress and being tensed up, leaving a light and relaxed feeling. The allowable dosage per day is 250 mg. This nootropics is also being looked at as a potential anti-depressant substance.

Luckily, there have been no reported side effects for this type of nootropics. In depth review of Phenibut here

Noopept can improve mood and ease depression

Noopept (cognitive enhancers) is a popular nootropics that is known to be fast-acting and have powerful mood improving effects. It is fast acting because it is easily absorbed by the blood and can travel to the brain faster. This is very much useful for individuals who are suffering from depression and severe anxiety.

Studies also show that Noopept provides protection for brain cells and helps keep the brain healthy. In further studies, it has also shown significant improvement to individuals who already have cognitive and mental problems, which makes it an effective substance to fight anxiety and depression.

Nootropics, or more commonly known as cognitive enhancers, are supplements, drugs and substances that enhance brain performance to help with memory retention and fighting away anxiety, depression and other forms of psychological condition. They are bio-chemically created for long-term use and with reportedly minimal to no side effects.

With nootropics, one can easily live a smooth daily routine and maintain a happy outlook without having to deal with stress, anxiety and depression. 

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