Josh Trent
Wellness Force


Josh Trent, NASM CPT, CES, BCS is the founder of and host of the Wellness Force Radio Podcast, a top ranked iTunes show in Health, Self-Help, and Fitness & Nutrition that showcases world class experts in both physical and emotional wellness.

As the host of the Fitness Industry Technology Council’s “Fitness + Technology Podcast,” Josh spotlights the work of global fitness and wellness brands, and how their contributions through new technologies are positively influencing the industry.

Awarded “Top 50 Digital Health Influencers 2015” by Onalytica, Josh is a wellness content creator and coach with over 12 years in the industry. As a regular contributor to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, and WellnessFX, Josh believes we are now in the most exciting time ever known to use new technologies for enhancing our personal wellness.

His vision for Wellness Force is to empower greater wellness in over one million lives through the channels of technology and emotion that help men and women live life well + enjoy the process.

“Josh is a sincere and honest guy who has worked very hard to get where he is. He is very caring and knowledgeable and wants to be the best and do the best he can. I admire his ethics and vision for himself and the people that he works with. I can't say enough good things about Josh and highly recommend him."

Reed Davis
Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Jane Smith

"Josh is one of the most passionate and focused coaches I know in the wellness industry. Digital Health Coaching is burgeoning and Josh is a clear leader who is in touch with the pulse and vision of how technology can empower others to change their lives for the better. I've worked with Josh on my team in marketing for workplace wellness and can't wait for our next project!"

Stacy Conlon
Founder of The Zen Media, Mindfulness Training Facilitator, Certified Wellness Coach
Jane Smith

“Josh not only helped me lose weight, decrease body fat, and tone up, but he educated me along the way. I've learned a lot about my body and which exercises are best for correcting my physical imbalances. He made working out fun for me again. I was excited for every session!"

Tanya Hart
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Jane Smith

“I have been following Josh's work for a number of years in the areas of health and wellness. He has produced some awesome content that shows a true passion for what he does. With a deep understanding of not only the principles of exercise, lifestyle and nutrition, Josh's message of empowering greater wellness through technology is truly amazing and for many, life changing.”

Tom Godwin
Health and Fitness, Tutor/Assessor/Internal Verifier (IV/IQA)/Course Developer
Jane Smith

“Josh's true passion for individuals and changing their lives is phenomenal and powerful. His ability to motivate is inspiring, and his sheer excitement and joy for life is contagious. Josh is blessed with the ability to share positive philosophy, and his knowledge and education with clients in a way that is intelligent, professional, and comprehensive.”

Sarah Anisman, MS 
Health, Fitness & Wellness Consultant
Shane Melaugh