8 Top Tips for Getting in Shape After Your Divorce

Wanting to get that post-divorce revenge body? Here are some actionable tips for just that… Studies show that there is such thing as relationship weight – a settled couple are much more likely to put on weight than single people are. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, and everyone is beautiful with or […]

10 Best Foods to Help Your Body Recover After an Infection

Wondering how you might be able to speed up your recovery after an infection? Here are 10 foods that might help… Infections can prove to be extremely harmful to the body. In fact, it’s thought that severe cases can even have long-term effects on a person’s cognitive and functional development. Whether it be from hospital […]

Sodium Truths & Myths

How much salt is good for me and my brain?  Salt is a confusing topic when it comes to health. There is so much conflicting information out there. > EP 403: ACCESS THE FULL SHOW NOTES & RESEARCH Beat Brain Fog All the incessant distractions that constantly attack us. Cell phones, calendars, little beeping devices […]

Get Better Fitness Routine Results by Following Eight Simple Steps

If you are looking to get better results from your fitness routine, there are various things you can do to enhance your performance. Get started by following these eight helpful and simple steps.   1. Choose a Workout Routine You Enjoy   If you choose exercises, activities, and workout routines just because everyone else is […]

Top 10 Things That You Can Do to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you feel stressed out and anxious? If your answer to that question is yes, do not worry. You are not the only person who is feeling that way. After all, many people live very busy lives and do not really have the time to relax, calm down, and take care of themselves. Stress and […]

How The Rise Of Personalized Health Is Disrupting the Wellness Industry In The Best Way

One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition and health. While the general advice remains pretty consistent across the board (don’t eat too much sugar, get enough exercise, watch your calories, etc.), what works for one person might not work for the other.   With a new diet trending every other week, […]

Does Diet Really Matter? Here’s Why Clean Eating Can Boost Your Mental Health

An estimated 450 million people worldwide experience one or more mental health conditions (as reported in 2018 by the World Health Organization). Since the ability to live life well and to foster physical and emotional intelligence lies in having strong mental health, it is necessary to prioritize this aspect of one’s health. Currently, the most […]

Fasting and The Somatic Mindfulness Process

If you have ever done an extended fast or committed to a long-term intermittent fasting program, you will be familiar with your body complaining about change. Your mind and body love consistency, connection and comfort. Not eating at all, or as often, naturally make your mind, body, and instincts more nervous. No surprise there. I […]

A Simple Habit to Living Your Life Well

Have you ever thought about how quickly you eat your meal? Or have you ever thought about the fact that the way in which you eat a meal impacts the way you digest and absorb its nutrients? Did you know that digestion actually begins in the brain? And that the sight, sound, and smell of […]

Shattering The Happiness Illusion

Women of the 21st century are in a crisis. We are living at the intersection of what we’re told to want, what we think we want, and what we truly want, stumbling to decipher each from the next. The When-Then Perfectionist Cycle Showered with the illusion that what will bring us happiness is just beyond […]

The Power of Vulnerability

What does being vulnerable MEAN to you? How can we ALLOW ourselves to be vulnerable? What does it FEEL like to be aligned with ourselves when dealing with emotional destruction? These are all things that we ask ourselves and ideas that cross our mind while going through emotional healing. When It All Aligns Life continues […]

When Living Healthy Life Isn’t Just About Eating Healthy

How can we grow into a living a healthy lifestyle besides just focusing on our nutrition? I’m a Holistic Dietitian and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, so it’s often I assumed that I eat healthy (fair assumption – always good to practice what you preach). However, in the midst of receiving comments, like: “You must always eat […]

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