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Flow State Forever

> EP 410: ACCESS THE FULL SHOW NOTES & RESEARCH < Today’s podcast packs a powerful question: How do we be a powerful human that also is peaceful? This is a lifelong question: how do you have the business, the body, the state of being, and the enjoyment of life while simultaneously being both powerful […]

The New Masculine

Let’s have a conversation on the energy that men, and women, need to practice the art of masculinity.  Whether it’s heterosexual, homosexual, the masculine and feminine energies exist in us all. We must learn to respect the similarities and differences between them. > EP 407: ACCESS THE FULL SHOW NOTES & RESEARCH < Have you […]

Ancestral Lessons

I want to share the story of my personal Vision Quest. This is the ultimate saga of my Vision Quest with the one and only leader of Purpose Mountain. We are going to discuss the right of passage that has been stripped from both men and women. > EP 405: ACCESS THE FULL SHOW NOTES […]

Holodynamic Energy: Heal Yourself

Most people don’t even know what love is because the truth is we have all been taught some warped version of love. Love that always comes with conditions. After what we have been through as a global community. It’s at the top of most of our hearts and minds. A craving for love. More than […]

Does Diet Really Matter? Here’s Why Clean Eating Can Boost Your Mental Health

An estimated 450 million people worldwide experience one or more mental health conditions (as reported in 2018 by the World Health Organization). Since the ability to live life well and to foster physical and emotional intelligence lies in having strong mental health, it is necessary to prioritize this aspect of one’s health. Currently, the most […]

Expanding Uphill By Integrating Breathwork

Would you like to up your cycling game? Or perhaps you’re wondering how breathwork tools can be integrated amidst day-to-day challenges no matter what your choice of movement for health and wellness? This may trigger your curiosity to experiment with your own workouts. Last year I shared a personal breakthrough online. It was the first […]

Fasting and The Somatic Mindfulness Process

If you have ever done an extended fast or committed to a long-term intermittent fasting program, you will be familiar with your body complaining about change. Your mind and body love consistency, connection and comfort. Not eating at all, or as often, naturally make your mind, body, and instincts more nervous. No surprise there. I […]

Waking Up With Love

Sitting down to complete the final edits of my post, I put it aside to create something completely new. This is coming through demanding attention – it’s what’s really firing me up right now. There’s a powerful energy in my belly that’s calling to be heard, and fighting off a sore throat this past week […]

When You Decide You Don’t Need Anyone Else’s Approval But Your Own

Have you ever had that feeling that you’re seeking others’ approvals when the only approval or acceptance that you actually need is your own? Why Seeking Approval Became My Identity I have a confession: I’m am a recovering approval seeker and I sought approval because I was 100% afraid of making the wrong decision, being judged, […]

Micro-Resilience Deep Dive: What the Research Says

Having a tribe is vital for one’s wellness journey and I have found that in the Wellness Force Community. The Wellness Force community is for those who want to live life well by learning more about emotional and physical intelligence. To me, living life well or wellness is unique to everyone. Going Beyond Good Vibes […]

Quitting Shame

Shame. We all have it at one point or another. We feel shame about big mistakes we had tons of control over and also for aspects about us over which we had none. As a quitting evangelist, I spend a lot of time helping people quit their limiting mindsets and stories that are holding them […]

The Screen Between Us

We live in a world of screens and that screen between us filters out our ability to truly “see’ and empathize with each other.   The screen between us is a barrier which creates greater disconnection, prevents us from “going deep,” and makes it appear easier to both let people into our personal space and […]

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