Stella Wearables: Monitor UV Exposure

Stella wearables measure UV radiation levels, and then notifies you when you are about to be overexposed to UV rays. Stella also tracks your activity levels, sleeping patterns, and daily Vitamin D intake from the sun.

All a user has to do is, select their skin type (Fitzpatrick Scale), a form of protection (SPF) and allow Stella to do the rest.

Stella Wearables: Monitor UV Exposure

Now you will know when exactly you should seek shade and re-apply sunscreen.Stella Wearables, an innovative company, specialized in cutting edge wearable technology focused in health, unveils Stella, a sun exposure monitor created to help you prevent yourself from overexposure to UV rays. This beautiful and seamless wearable allows you to know when you are about to be overexposed to UV radiation.

Sun exposure can be beneficial to your body as it enables your body to develop vitamin D naturally, which is an essential factor for your body's immune system. However, too much sun exposure can be harmful. It can cause sunburns, premature aging of the skin, sun spots, early senescence of the eyes, and may even lead to skin cancer.

In the midst of these problems, Stella was designed to bring you peace of mind under the sun. Why is this so important? Unfortunately, more and more UV rays are penetrating the earths surface. This is why every year you see a rise in skin cancer cases.

The Stella app (available for Android and iOS) allows you to create a customized profile and sub-accounts. Stella notifies you by sending out mobile alerts, flashing an LED light on the wearable, as well as having the wearable vibrate. These three forms of notifications will alert you when you have been overexposed to UV radiation.

How does Stella do all of this? It all depends on the following three things.

UV radiation levels, your skin type (based on the Fitzpatrick scale), and your form of protection (SPF of choice). With these three variables, we have been able to create personalized burn rate algorithms for each individual skin type.

The Stella app also saves your UV exposure history, vitamin D intake from the sun, activity levels and sleeping patterns. This enables users to review their history and share it with whoever they want.

Simply put, it's your personalized sun exposure monitor.

Stella monitors UV radiation levels, sleeping patterns, activity levels, as well as your daily vitamin D intake from the sun.

Peace of Mind Under The Sun

In conclusion, Stella aims to provide a seamless, yet effective way to help people take better care of their overall health. Stella has revolutionized a new to care for your skin. With Stella, you will never have to guess when you should seek shade or reapply sunscreen. This personalized sun exposure monitor will change the way you protect your skin from the sun and help you make wiser choices for an overall healthier living.

President & CEO – Nicolas Gonzalez

In 2015, I decided to develop a product that would notify people when they are about to be overexposed to UV rays. Why did I do this? After my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer, I started looking into this subject more in depth and found that over 90% of skin cancer cases are due to overexposure to UV rays.

I also found that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and is the easiest to prevent. I invite you to look into our company and experience this new product for yourself.



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