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Bio-Harmonization with EMFs

With all the tools that we have to support our wellness, we also must ask ourselves a really important question in the internet of things with Web 3.0 looming on the horizon and literally billions of devices shooting EMF Wi-Fi all over the planet.

The question we must ask ourselves is: how do we operate in this modern world with our jobs and careers that require us to use devices and computers, while also protecting ourselves from EMF (electromagnetic frequency) that can wreak havoc on our cells and increase our oxidative stress? 

What if it's not about blocking EMF and really about harmonizing EMF at home to mitigate its stressors?

A Masterclass in EMF Mitigation

Today is a masterclass on EMF mitigation. I say mitigation because if we try to block 100% of EMF then none of our devices will work, so we can't do that!

I'm sure that by now you've heard on Wellness Force about the dangers and the harmful frequency that EMF is to our bodies?

In this podcast, I bring you an expert in the field of EMF protection and harmonization for healthy homes and for travel with a device called Somavedic.

My guest today was struggling 10 years ago with chest pain and dizziness. That combined with high blood pressure, so he went to the physician and he was given pharmaceuticals. (shocker)

When the doctor said he'd need to take pills for the rest of his life, it was a sentence of pharmaceutical drugs that my guest was not willing to accept.

Somavedic's Origin Story

So he started researching biohacking which led him down the rabbit hole of EMF, and he ended up joining the Somavedic company who makes functional and broadly accessible frequency therapy devices that harmonize the negative effects of EMF in our bodies by leveraging the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals

This combines an eastern medicine approach with frequency therapy technology that changed his life – and can change yours. 

His name is your Juraj Kocar, and in this podcast we're going to talk about why I keep one of these somavedic devices the Somavedic Green Medic – actually right next to my computer every single day – so I can personally use these healing frequencies to mitigate all the Wi-Fi that I'm being bathed in.

This Week on Wellness Force

In this podcast you'll learn: 

    • Myths and the truths of EMF.
    • How can we harmonize these magnetic frequencies so we can block oxidative stress in our bodies.
    • Difference between blocking and harmonizing EMF.
    • How Juraj I came across this science: we'll talk about the healing power of the Somavedic and how a Russian inventor created the device after studying ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to help heal his own body. 
    • Energy boost and more pep that you get with less oxidative stress because of Somavedic
    • The way you can pick what Somavedic device is perfect for you.
    • Geopathic zones or GPZ: why they've been very common knowledge yet the USA doesn't always recognize them.

One of the coolest parts of this podcast is when we talked about dowsing rods. We explored how farmers use them to find water on property; which I think is utterly fascinating!

…and this is the really cool thing about this conversation…. 

 We will learn about the Somavedic’s impact on water molecules and how it can actually help to structure your water into hexagonal designs – which is how nature meant it to be. 

Creating a Healthy Home & Work Environment

I loved this podcast and of course you know I'm going to ask all the scientific questions. I was really happy with Juraj’s answers on.

If you're looking for a perfect gift for a spouse or for somebody that you love that is dealing with health issues, that maybe is living close to power lines, or their home has a ton of EMF radiation – make sure you head over to

Search in the biohacking section and get 10% off any Somavedic device (which is super generous) by using the code “WELLNESSFORCE” or you can also just go directly to and make sure you use the code “WELLNESSFORCE” to get 10% off your EMF mitigation and water structuring wellness device.

Now let's tune in and learn all about harmonization for healthy homes and travel to deal with EMF. 

It's not going anywhere, but we are here now so let's learn how we can live our life well.

About Juraj Kocar

Juraj Kocar | EMF Protection + Mitigation For Healthy Homes & Travel With SomavedicA little over 10 years ago Juraj Kocar was struggling with chest pain and dizziness combined with high blood pressure.

So Juraj went to the physician and he was given pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms.

When he inquired as to the length of time he should be taking them, his doctor said he take the pills for the rest of his life.

A life sentence of pharmaceutical drugs was not something he was satisfied or would accept.

Juraj's Biohacking Journey

So Juraj started researching biohacking. This led him way down the rabbit hole of EMFs otherwise known as electromagnetic frequencies and discovered the Somavedic.

He ended up joining the company after the device changed his life and he's now the CEO and leader.

There are a ton of EMF blocking devices out there that claim to protect you from EMFs. Honestly the research is pretty shady, but Somavedic approaches the EMF issue much much differently.

Somavedic's Impact

Somavedic is a functional and broadly accessible frequency therapy device harmonizing the negative effects of EMF on our bodies by leveraging the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals, combining an Eastern medicine approach with frequency therapy technology.


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