Shiva Rose | Daily Ayurvedic Rituals: Connecting The Healing Power of Our Natural World Through 5 Senses

“A ritual is an intention and a practice when you do it every day. We’re spiritual creatures. Doing rituals grounds me and they connect me to who I am, what my intentions are for the day, and what I want to bring to the world. To alter we need to get to the altar.” – Shiva Rose

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 486

Writer, mother, expert on beauty and Founder of Shiva Rose Beauty natural products, Shiva Rose, shares her experience with water rituals that connect her to God, what God means to her, her physical and emotional healing journey, how she became a business person, and why it's important to keep your three Ayurvedic doshas in balance.

How can we use beauty for healing and integrate rituals into our daily lives?

By the end of this episode, you will discover the purpose of rituals, the principles of the three Ayurvedic doshas and how our pain can be transformative.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”To alter we need to get to the altar – the altar of God. We need to find what brings us to our knees. That is the very thing that will help us alter ourselves. We won’t change unless we’re pushed. – @TheLocalRose” quote=”To alter we need to get to the altar – the altar of God. We need to find what brings us to our knees. That is the very thing that will help us alter ourselves. We won’t change unless we’re pushed. – @TheLocalRose”]

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Shiva Rose | Daily Ayurvedic Rituals: Connecting The Healing Power of Our Natural World Through 5 SensesA few years ago Shiva began her blog, The Local Rose, to get closer to the earth and all its beauty. This desire led her on a journey that included solitary walks in forests, swimming in clean seas, and meditation through her Kundalini yoga practice. What came to her one day, after a moment of stillness, was a message. The message was to bring beauty and luminosity to women in a way that was nourishing and nurturing.

Shiva's Promise

So many products women consume, even some that claim to be all natural, contain harmful and toxic ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ, and therefore what we put on our bodies and face literally gets absorbed directly through contact. Her skin care line is 100% toxic free, and without any chemicals. The rose face serum was created to bring radiance and nourishment to the face. It is made with loving intentions and in small batches to insure it’s optimal integrity.

Walk in Beauty, Walk in Light

Her candle is in a toxic-free coconut based candle with rose, agar wood and vanilla. The body oils are all hand blended using unusual essential oils that benefit the skin and spirit. The glow balm and radiant rose water are recent additions that add luminous texture and are anti aging. Soon to come a few more products that use ancient wisdom and powerful ingredients.

May you walk in beauty, may you walk in the light . . .

Listen To Episode 486 As Shiva Rose Uncovers:

[1:30] Stepping into Authenticity through Rituals

[10:28] Courageous Women: Letting Go of Everything

  • Women in Iran inspired a revolution after 40 years of suppression.
  • The challenges of being raised in Iran.
  • Shiva tells her story about escaping Iran to the United States with her family.
  • Living a traumatizing experience as a 10 year old.

[14:35] Discovering Childhood Trauma through Disease

  • How people sometimes spiritual bypass and use Ayuervedic practices as an excuse to be or act a certain way.
  • Shiva talks about her trauma responses as a child and how her grandmother, Rose, helped her.
  • Stephen W. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory
  • How we naturally respond to trauma with either a fight, flight, freeze, or fawn reaction.
  • Finding out about an autoimmune disease after giving birth at the age of 25 and realizing her disease was trauma related.
  • Why she’s very critical of allopathic medicine and the toxic way they label people with a disease.
  • How Shiva's prognosis got her into holistic healing, meditation and beauty.

[18:23] Beauty as a Healing Modality

  • Shiva’s career – from acting to blogging to a beauty line.
  • Her perception of beauty as a tool for healing.
  • How the download to start her own beauty line came to her when she was doing kundalini yoga.
  • What beauty means to Shiva with all of her experience and wisdom.
  • Why the sun is our greatest ally but it has been vilified by mainstream media.
  • Josh shares his identity crisis experience while working as a fitness trainer.
  • Why Shiva follows her intuition when it comes to beauty.
  • How facial peels and lasers actually stretch and stretch back the skin due to its accumulative effect.

[21:20] Establishing Boundaries as an Empath & Growing through Pain

[29:30] Beauty Blockages & Unexpected Life Journeys

  • Exploring how our natural beauty is being blocked on a regular basis.
  • The fact that we’re not speaking up enough and thus becoming a slave to the system.
  • What it means for our future as thyroid issues are increasing among the population.
  • How the lack of authenticity, freedom and truth blocks our beauty.
  • Why we are able to change and do the inner healing when we go through difficult times.
  • What made Josh and Shiva both move from California to Texas.
  • The problems of living in Silicon Valley and how the narrative being pushed there is a reflection of what is happening in the rest of the USA.
  • The irony that the people who are creating all of this technology in Silicon Valley live in Mill Valley where there is no 5G and their children go to Waldorf schools where there is no television, cell phones, or media.

[35:30] The Intention of Rituals

  • What an altar means to Shiva and why she has several of them at home.
  • How we “alter” by getting to a spiritual or transformational altar.
  • Josh explains how to avoid crossovers or leaky energy in rituals.
  • The purpose and types of rituals Shiva practices.
  • How Shiva connects with herself through rituals.
  • Blue Zones: The key factor for longevity?
  • 192 Jason Prall: The Human Longevity Project

[39:19] Guidance from God

  • Shiva talks about her relationship with God and finding hope and direction through prayers.
  • Why Shiva can’t describe God and its beyond our scope of words.
  • Josh’s ego stopping him from believing in God for 20 years.
  • Shiva talks about her teachers in life who have really helped her when she has stumbled.

[43:30] Building the Bridge Between Business & Spirituality

  • Shiva’s relationship with money: Why money is freedom and why it should be taken with respect.
  • 446 Jesse Elder | Mind Vitamins: How To Gather, Apply & Embody Wisdom In The Face of Fear
  • Business and spirituality go together like Yin and Yang.
  • Her experience being forced to be a business person.
  • How she was able to connect both spirituality and business with her conscious brand.
  • Struggles she and Josh have faced as business owners.
  • Why obtaining tangible results makes Shiva feel satisfied.
  • The difference between doing a job for money and actually caring about the job.
  • Advice from Shiva to people in their 20’s: Why avoiding debt is crucial.
  • Josh’s opinion on the system and bureaucracy.

[52:48] Ayurvedic Healing with the 3 Doshas

  • Shiva explains the three ayurvedic doshas: Vatta, Pita, Kapha.
  • The importance of nutrition and balancing out the doshas.
  • How to identify your dosha on your own.
  • The benefits of ghee for beauty from the inside out.
  • Specific foods for each dosha + trifecta foods that are good for all 3 doshas.
  • How the doshas relate to finances and money.
  • Why we need to activate our doshas with breathwork.
  • Specific foods to help brighten your skin, especially for women after a pregnancy.
  • Parasite cleanses and the benefits of doing a coffee enema.
  • How she senses that we’re on the cusp of a 5D Ascension.
  • The problems with eating CAFO meat compared to well-raised regenerative ranched, grass-fed meat free of GMOs.

[1:01:47] Why Discipline Is Crucial in Business

  • What Shiva wished she knew when she first went into business.
  • The importance of setting goals and staying disciplined.
  • Shiva’s experience with kundalini and tantra: Learning discipline through spiritual practice.
  • How spiritual practices influence Josh’s and Shiva’s businesses.
  • Why Shiva believes in silver merged resources to buy land and digital currency as an investment.
  • Shiva’s collaboration with Goop: Growing her business and the brand getting in trouble with yoni eggs.
  • Shiva Rose: Beyond Organic: The New Breed of Beauty #34 — LUKE STOREY
  • Josh and Shiva discuss why friendship and community matter when it comes to business.

[1:10:45] Freedom + Humanity’s Feature

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Ritual is an intention and a practice when you do it every day. We’re spiritual creatures. It grounds me and it connects me to who I am, what my intentions are for the day, what I want to bring to the world.' – @TheLocalRose” quote=”Ritual is an intention and a practice when you do it every day. We’re spiritual creatures. It grounds me and it connects me to who I am, what my intentions are for the day, what I want to bring to the world.' – @TheLocalRose”]

Asking for Guidance from God

“I talk to God, and I ask for guidance. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Show me the way, God.”… If you ask with sincerity, with an open heart, you will get a sign.” – Shiva Rose

Healing through Beauty

“Beauty is a healing modality – that’s the opposite of fear, opposite of depression.” – Shiva Rose

Expression of Our Freedom

“People are being forced to become automated working slaves, and not having these expressions of ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be in this Matrix. I don’t want to work 9 to 5. I don’t want to get a bunch of shots. I don’t want to be a part of this system, to be forced to do things.' We’re free beings.” – Shiva Rose

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About Shiva Rose

Shiva Rose | Daily Ayurvedic Rituals: Connecting The Healing Power of Our Natural World Through 5 SensesShiva Rose is a former actress, naturalist, and author of the book ‘Whole Beauty: Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness'. She is the modern alchemist using nature and beauty to create wellbeing and harmony in the world.

From Iran to Hollywood

Shiva was born and raised in Iran but escaped the country during a revolution in 1979 at the age of 10. Shiva and her family went on a difficult journey to be able to start over in a safe country, and eventually found their refuge in the United States.
Her passion for glamour and films led her to become an actress, but ever since she was a child, Shiva was an empath and felt a strong connection to nature.

Using Beauty As a Healing Tool

At the age of 25, after giving birth to her first daughter, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which eventually sent her on a path as a naturalist and activist. Shiva started her blog ‘The Local Rose' to celebrate a healthy and authentic lifestyle, and later on also launched a beauty brand ‘Shiva Rose', creating natural and toxic-free beauty products and becoming a successful business owner.

Kundalini Beauty Secrets with Shiva Rose + Guru Jagat, author of Invincible Living


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