Scott Nelson: What Is Photobiomodulation?

Scott Nelson: What Is Photobiomodulation?

“We spend 93% of our time under artificial light; that's probably not a good thing, right? When we look at our ancestors who spent all their time outside, it makes sense that artificial light isn't healthy for us. So, the first thing you should do isn't' go buy a product like ours. Instead, go outside and get more natural sunlight; become more aware of how natural light is good for your body. Even if you're outside for just 5-10 minutes, you'll notice a difference in how you feel. If you don't notice it, then maybe you should invest in a light therapy device.” – Scott Nelson 

How can light therapy bring so many wonderful benefits to your overall health and wellness?

On Wellness + Wisdom 184, Podcast Host of Medsider Radio and Co-Founder of Joovv, Scott Nelson, shares how light therapy is changing health as we know it. In this episode, you will learn why Joovv can do more than just help your skin; it's also a longevity tool that can improve both your mitochondria function, hormones, and cellular health on a whole other level.

Find out how people of all backgrounds from pro athletes and biohackers to busy parents and entrepreneurs are making Joovv a part of their lifestyle.

How Does Joovv Work?

Professional-Grade Power with No EMFs

Built with the latest LED technology, the Joovv Light delivers over 100 mW/cm² with no EMFs at the recommended treatment distance. Superior results in less time – that’s the power of Joovv.

Full-Body Red Light Therapy

Say goodbye to those tiny handheld devices. And say hello to the Joovv Light. Treat your entire body in just a few minutes per day.

Clinically-Proven Wavelengths of Light

Designed to stimulate healthy cellular function, the Joovv Light delivers optimal wavelengths of light at 660 nm and 850 nm.

Listen To Episode 184 As Scott Nelson Uncovers:

  • The origin of Joovv and how it can help improve your wellness.
  • Light therapy and the misconceptions that surround it.
  • How blue light works: why it's not good for you at night, but can help balance your circadian rhythm in the morning.
  • The research to back up all the health benefits of red light therapy: skin health, cognitive function, joint pain relief, muscle recovery, and more.
  • How the Joovv light is able to deeply penetrate in order for you to receive all of its benefits.
  • The difference between the sauna and the steam room vs photobiomodulation.
  • The power of natural light and how to get more during the day.
  • What you need to consider when purchasing a photobiomodulation device.
  • Why is photobiomodulation all of a sudden so popular?
  • How light therapy can help improve men's testosterone levels and key benefits for women.
  • How Joovv is more like a longevity tool than a skin tool.
  • Why red light? Why not purple or amber? What's so beneficial of using red light?
  • Are we getting enough natural light? How much are we actually consuming?
  • Mitochondria function and health –  how light therapy can help it improve.
  • How can you actually quantify the use of photobiomodulation; especially when it comes to mitochondria function?
  • How they came up with the name, Joovv, and what kind of feedback they've been receiving about the product.
  • What affects light therapy can have on cancer patients.
  • Which athletes and biohackers are using Joovv for maximum performance.
  • Why Joovv light therapy can actually enhance the retinol function in your eyes.
  • What's the time limit for using Joovv per light therapy session? How close can you be to the device?

Power Quotes From The Show

“At its core, photobiomodulation is photons of light or certain wavelengths of light and studying how our bodies metabolize them and the different physiological inner workings of how we digest and metabolize light. Light is food. Photobiomodulation essentially allows your cells to do what they're supposed to be doing but at a heightened level. “ – Scott Nelson

“These specific wavelengths of light are helping our cells produce more energy. That's why photobiomodulation has such a long list of benefits. It's so extensive that it almost sounds too good to be true, but all of these benefits like skin health, muscle recovery, joint pain relief, cognitive function and more are all supported by peer-reviewed clinical literature.” – Scott Nelson 

“When people are researching about skin health, they might have this vanity concern. Even though this vanity concern exists, photobiomodulation is really more of a longevity and cellular health tool. If you chase the healthy behaviors and you actually do the things that fill you up from a physical and emotional space, the vanity concerns will be a by-product. However, if you only chase the vanity, your results are going to be limited.” – Josh Trent  

“At Joovv, we fundamentally believe that everybody should be getting more sunlight. Something like our device is a great hack, but everybody should be getting more natural sunlight. Unfortunately, it's just something that's harder to do in a climate like Minnesota's or the upper Midwest in general.” – Scott Nelson 

Links From Today's Show

About Scott Nelson

Scott NelsonScott Nelson is the impetus, power, and energy that sets Joovv in motion. His ability to metabolize information quickly makes him an irreplaceable asset to our company. And when it comes to leading all of our commercialization initiatives, he's without question, the best. The two words we would use to describe Scott are efficient and personable.

Prior to cofounding Joovv, he spent his entire professional career in leadership positions with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, including Medtronic, Covidien, Boston Scientific, and C.R. Bard. Scott is best friends with his wife and soulmate, Liz, and loves spending time with his 4 kids.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Scott is also the host of Medsider Radio, a top-ranked medical device podcast.

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