Scott Colby: The Power To Change

Scott Colby

Scott Colby: The Power To Change

Scott Colby, also known as the fitness industry's “Abs Expert” is a fitness coach, entrepreneur, and the host of the Power To Change podcast.

Scott brings on the most inspirational stories from people who have transformed their minds, bodies and lives to find out what gives people the power to overcome obstacles and make changes so they can live with more passion and purpose.

The Power To Change

With a background in medical research, Scott had ample knowledge of the way our bodies work, making his transition into health and fitness an easy one. He has helped numerous people with his accountability groups and coaching programs – and he’s not about to stop just yet.

Why Accountability Matters

Growing up, Scott always had a problem with his body image and was the kind of guy who refused to take off his shirt at the pool or beach. He just didn’t feel good about it. Over time, he realized it was important to create a change and embrace that change. But stating a goal is different from actually doing it and having someone take a look at it – not because of the need for validation, but because one needs to be pushed toward the direction he needs to take. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy and that’s what accountability is for. To motivate us to reach the end goal.

Scott emphasized that end goals should be for the purpose of giving yourself a pat on the back and complimenting yourself for a job well done – it is not for the affirmation.

Listen As Scott Uncovers

  • His biochemical engineering education and previous work with medical research; he was featured in journals such as Spine and Gait and Posture
  • How he conceptualized and materialized the Her Strength Dallas Bootcamp
  • Words that we should take out of our vocabulary to enhance our mindset
  • The three habits he does to ensure wellness, both in body and mind
  • Having the ultimate power of choice!

The Gratitude Challenge

There are those times when we feel lost and almost incapable of getting up. Scott Colby reminds us to get up and be grateful – even for the smallest and most trivial things. Anchoring our gratitude to something we are already doing helps in reminding us to express it. Still having a tough time? Write down the things you are grateful for for 7 straight days! You may just pick up a habit.

Getting Fit For Photos Through Gratitude And Accountability

In his community, he has his members write down the things they are grateful for. You wouldn’t believe what he found out! Not only did the members enjoy writing down their gratitude, but they enjoyed reading others’ list more! He says it’s like a glimpse into other people’s lives!

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