Sal Di Stefano: Becoming A Man VS Searching For Novelty

Sal di Stefano comes on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast for the first time to teach us what becoming a man means to him, why most men never grow up, the biggest lies about fatherhood, and how society glorifies staying single by shaming mothers.

He is a wellness, fitness, and health speaker and entrepreneur, and one of the hosts of the Mind Pump Podcast, which has multiple times been voted as one of the top fitness podcasts in the world.

But beyond fitness and strength training, and as the author of the new book “Resistance Training Revolution“, Sal has an emotional and intellectual depth that I trust you're absolutely going to love.

Becoming A Man + Growing Through Divorce

Let's face it, we live in a world where family values and traditions of marriage, and masculine and feminine roles are under attack by the CCP.

And with the Hollywood agenda to dismantle the American family, Sal stands for a compelling (dare I even say controversial) more empowering narrative around what makes a father a father and a mother a mother.

sal di stefano fatherhood becoming a manIn this episode, you'll learn about how I met Sal, Adam, Justin, and Doug, at the beginning of the Mind Pump and, back in the day, the Wellness Force podcast journey.

You’ll find out why Sal ended a 15-year marriage, and what he learned that grew his soul. So for anyone going through a breakup or divorce this podcast will be very potent for you.

We'll talk about how resentful thoughts and feelings are created, and the difference between searching for novelty versus becoming a man. This is where we go deep into why men never grow up.

We'll also talk about providing for the family, what it means to be present, the mind-body connection as an adult, how to grow through discomfort, and also religion and faith in God.

We'll talk about how our spirituality connects us to our mortality, why growth and vulnerability are brother and sister, and how one needs the other to thrive.

We'll talk about healing as a family, and how to actually let go of the previous identities.

If you yourself one day want a family, or if you are a parent of a family now, this is going to be an incredible podcast for you. I absolutely respect and admire Sal’s ability to articulate thought and inspiration through his words.

If you haven't listened to my episode with Adam, Justin, and Sal on the Mind Pump Podcast, it'll be linked right here in the show notes. We had such a great time together.

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Now let's drop in with the one and only Sal di Stefano.


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