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At-Home Hair Test Kit

Upgraded Formulas Hair Test Kit

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• Metabolism

• Hormone Levels

• Thyroid Function

• Adrenal Function

• Heavy Metal Toxicity Levels

• Mineral Deficiency and Imbalances

• Immune Function

Say goodbye to painful blood draws. Upgraded Formulas Hair Test Kit provides exactly what your body needs to optimize your health.

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Upgraded Formulas Hair Test Kit

Upgraded Formulas was founded to optimize your health through effective testing with follow-up supplementation and nutritional planning. They strive to deliver the highest quality and assurance standards with the most advanced processes available.


1) Key Minerals – Balanced levels are critical for over a thousand bodily functions

2) Heavy Metals – Higher levels can be toxic to your health. The first step to better health is knowing your levels.

3) Metabolism – Understanding your metabolism is significant in knowing how your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.

4) Hormone Levels – Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen are affected by zinc and copper levels. This determines mood, energy, follow-through, and focus.

5) Thyroid Function – Calcium and Potassium offer a great insight into thyroid function for more insight into what can be changed to feel more energized.

6) Adrenal Function – Sodium and Magnesium levels offer great insight into our energy levels, stress tolerance and how quickly we bounce back from workouts and life’s hurdles. Very valuable to understand and improve.

7) Immune Function – Zinc, copper, and iron ratios show how much our immune system needs support. By understanding this through our consultations we get a picture of how susceptible we are to a viral or bacterial infection.

Upgraded Formulas' Promise

The ideal place to start healing and optimizing for your daily well-being, physical and mental performance. They will help identify any potential issues with mineral deficiency, heavy metal toxicity, and metabolism function. This test is so valuable as a foundational assessment of your baseline health, it is a no-brainer investment.

You will begin to get more out of life if you take the correct action based on your results. They have consultation options to give you the guidance to confidently dial in your health.

Save Money On Health Supplements

Their hair test results will show you the vitamins and nutrients you have in deficiency or excess. They've had many customers purchasing hundreds of dollars of vitamins only to discover that they weren't treating the root cause of their health issues. You'll know exactly what you need to do to put your health back on track.

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