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Nourish your body with liquid nano minerals

Upgraded Formulas Trace Minerals

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• Raise your energy levels

• Strengthen your body and immune system

• Meet your daily mineral requirements

• Sharpen mental performance

Trace minerals are a nutrient-dense way of “covering your bases” delivering essential minerals to all parts of the body and vital organs.

Trace minerals help to keep your body a well-oiled machine that can deliver peak performance.

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Upgraded Formulas Trace Minerals

  • Unique Proprietary Absorption Method
  • 99.99% Absorption Rate
  • Maximum Bioavailability

Promoting balanced health, improved digestion, metabolism support, and more, these trace minerals are an easy-to-take form are a no-brainer!

With more and more food being processed and losing out on vital nutrients and minerals, it's vital to cover your bases to ensure you can function at your peak.

Taken daily, you can reclaim your energy levels, strengthen your body and immune system, and protect yourself for years to come.

A conventional mineral supplement does not absorb well. Upgraded Trace Minerals with its Stabilized Nano Mineral Technology have been developed with small and stable Nano particles to provide maximum bioavailability and improved symptom relief.

Where does the problem lie regarding the supplements you’re currently taking?
Most supplements only absorb in the body at a rate of 4-20%.

This is because the mineral particles are too big for your cells to use.

We solved this problem by creating a proprietary Nano Particle Technology… This shrinks the particles of minerals so they can be absorbed at a rate of 99.9%.

Not only that, due to the small particle size of Upgraded Minerals… They don’t need to be digested and can be absorbed in seconds.

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Barton Scott | Heavy Metals + Hair Mineral Analysis: The Simple Health Test That Reveals Your Hidden Deficiencies

barton scott upgraded formulasListen to episode 432 of the Wellness + Wisdom podcast with Barton Scott, and discover what essential minerals the body needs every day to function, the benefits of hair analysis, and how mineral depletion in our soils is hurting our health and food versus supplements for maximum mineral levels.

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