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Connected shoes for a disconnected world

RHIZAL Grounded Barefoot Shoes

RHIZAL | Grounded Barefoot Shoes10% OFF WITH CODE “WELLNESS”


• Grounding

• Wide toe box

• No arch support

• Natural materials

Rhizal Grounded Barefoot Shoes reconnect you with your feet and your feet with the Earth.

How come even shoes are a PSYOP? Throw out your plastic foot prisons disconnecting you from the Earth.

Grounded Barefoot Shoes? Choose Rhizal!

Most shoes today have serious issues: They smash your toes into a narrow point and have cushion and “support” that weaken your feet.

Barefoot shoes have:

  • A wide toe box, giving your toes the space they need.
  • No raised heel and no arch support, perfect for natural foot movement.
  • A thin and flexible sole, so you feel the ground.


Your ancestors were always in sync with Earth's natural charge. RHIZALs have a copper plug through the sole, reconnecting you to this charge.


Our shoes allow natural foot movement with a thin flexible sole and wide toe box. No more squishing your toes or ruining the strength of your feet with arch support.

Natural Materials

We believe in natural materials like leather instead of petroleum-based plastics. Both for the environment and for your body.

Rhizal Grounded Shoes: Walk Towards Wellness + Natural Connection

Benefits of Grounding

Earth has a natural negative charge which your ancestors were in sync with 24/7.

When you spend all day indoors or wear rubber-soled shoes outdoors, you are now almost never grounded (in sync with Earth's charge).

RHIZALs have a pure 100% copper plug that goes through the sole of the shoe. Your foot is making contact with the copper, and the copper is making contact with the ground.

The natural leather sole is fairly conductive on its own as it is a biologically native material. The copper plug creates an undeniable connection.

While they are designed to be worn without socks, you will still be grounded with most socks (especially if natural materials, and if you're even slightly sweating).

Simply touching copper doesn't ground you. Copper is highly conductive, so your foot is “touching” the ground via the copper.

Surfaces that are grounded include concrete sidewalks, grass, dirt, and sand. Surfaces that are not grounded include indoor floors and asphalt roads.

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