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Organic Blend of 8 Different Mushrooms For Powerful Focus from PaleoValley

PaleoValley NeuroEffect

What most people don’t realize is virtually every “mushroom” product on the market isn’t mushrooms at all – but instead mycelium grown on grain.

This means they barely contain any of the medicinal compounds that mushrooms have to offer and instead contain up to 50% starch!

Which is why our friends over at PaleoValley created NeuroEffect.

Paleo Valley only uses whole mushrooms that are cultivated naturally and organically.

They are then tested not once, but twice for quality, guaranteeing you get 2,100 mg of our neuro-supportive REAL mushrooms that are >26% beta glucans in every serving without the grains.

Plus, they’ve added an organic whole coffee fruit that has been shown in clinical trials to stimulate the production of a protein vital for focus, memory, and clarity.

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