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MYNDOVR Athleisure Wear

MYNDOVR Athleisure Wear Breathe with me20% OFF WITH CODE “JOSH”


• 100% SUPIMA organic cotton

• Ethically sourced in the U.S.

• Simple designs

• Sustainable

MYNDOVR's limited edition Breathe With Me™ collection reminds you to check your breathing when things get stressful, heavy, or you're just want to improve your well-being.

Breathe With Me™ collection

What is behind the Breathe With Me collection? MYNDOVR believes positive change starts “physiologically” with the breath. Each item in the collection was designed with you in mind with premium materials and construction for everyday use.

The reason they came up with “Breathe With Me” is because:

  1. when we're feeling negative emotions, stress, etc., we tend to feel alone
  2. a quick check-in with our breath is the fastest way to help regulate our emotions, our state, and how we can change the outcome of our day

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