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My Green Mattress


Founded by meticulous mattress craftsman, Tim Masters, My Green Mattress was born from necessity: a need to help his daughter, Emily, who suffered from eczema and environmental allergies.

Tim was inspired to develop an organic crib mattress for her made from only the healthiest and most honest materials.

Tim and his team were also so kind to offer our listeners an amazing discount with the code ‘JOSH' at checkout to save $125 off on a twin or larger mattress and $20 off the crib mattress.

If you are ready to try an organic mattress, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so! They have a wonderful line of different certified organic mattresses including their Hybrid, Spring-Free, and Latex-Free models.

Listen and watch Josh Trent and Tim Masters dive deep into his 30+ years of organic mattress creation experience and wisdom, how his daughter's eczema inspired him to build her an organic crib mattress, the dark ties that led to petrochemicals and other toxins being sprayed on traditional mattresses since 2006 HERE


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