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MTE Energy Drink

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• Faster, longer-lasting energy than caffeine

• Support for focus and clarity

• Mood support no matter the source of stress

• Supports recovery at night

• Provides immune system boost

MTE is a science-backed blend of superfoods, nootropics + adaptogens that support whole-body health.

Replace excessive caffeine to supercharge energy, wellness, and recovery.

MTE Energy Drink: Better Ingredients. Better Results.

Energy: A dynamic nootropic blend supports jitter-free energy without the caffeine crash you get from coffee and energy drinks.

Focus: Packed with ingredients like teacrine and l-theanine to support peak performance and focus.

Mood: Adaptogens and nootropics like saffron and holy basil support mood and stress response.

Recovery: Adaptogens support stress response, which helps support more natural energy reserves during the day and recovery at night.

MTE Ingredients

  • ASHWAGANDHA – Supports mood + stress response
  • SPIRULINA – Supports Inflammation response + immunity
  • ELEUTHERO – Supports energy + immunity
  • HOLY BASIL – Supports stress response + immune system
  • AMARANTH – Supports sustained energy
  • MACA – Supports sustained energy + mood
  • L-THEANINE – Supports calm concentration
  • GABA – Supports a calm mood
  • TEACRINE® – Supports jitter-free energy + focus
  • AFFRON® – Supports calm mood + sleep quality
  • INNOVATEA® – Supports energy + focus
  • DYNAMINE® – Supports Energy, Focus + Mood
  • CHICORY ROOT – Supports gut health + stress response
  • ENFINITY® – Supports energy + metabolism

MTE Energy Drink

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