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Clear your sinuses and get amazing sleep!

MitoZen Nasal Spray

Every single night before we go to bed, my partner Carrie Michelle and I perform a beautiful ritual using the ZEN extra strength + Oxytocin.

It is what I believe the world needs right now: a centered, calm, and powerful third eye opening meditation tool that will change the fundamentals of your practice.

ZEN Nasal Spray™ is the strongest formula, and is made from different medicinal plants from the Amazon to calm and quiet the mind, as well as to reduce anxiety and stress.

ZEN EO Nasal Spray™ is made with Ultra Nano Liposomal terpenes & essential oils. ZEN CBD Nasal Spray™ contains essential oils, terpenes and full spectrum NeuroHEMP™.

The Zen formulas are powerful in the ability to calm the mind and allow for maximum vagal activation (stimulation of the vagal nerve).

You will experience a powerful afterglow effect, following the initial temporary burning feeling after administration.

*Go to wellnessforce.com/MitoZen to get your ZEN extra strength + Oxytocin.

*Be sure to select ZEN extra strength + Oxytocin at the cart.


Watch Inventor, Dr. John Lieurance speak about MitoZen Meditation Mist Nasal Spray


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