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A comprehensive care plan for the mouth

MitoZen Boca Zen™+- Vagus & Oral Health

MitoZen Boca Zen™+- Vagus & Oral Health10% OFF | CODE: “WELLNESSFORCE”


• Keeps your teeth healthy

• Calms the mind

• Strengthens the vagal tone

• Reduces stress

• Protects the gums from inflammation

Mitozen Boca Zen is a powerful supplement that takes care of your oral health and mental health at the same time.

Regular use of BOCA ZEN activates the vagus nerve and regular activation of the vagus nerve can support a strengthening of vagal tone.

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“The best natural mouth wash with an extra bonus of calming your nervous system. I haven't had any teeth or gum issues ever since I started using Boca Zen.Josh Trent

How to Use MitoZen Boca Zen?

Instructions: Do not use it if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients in BOCA ZEN.

Place a few drops up to 1/2 a dropper full of BOCA ZEN into your mouth and use your tongue to move the oil all around your gums. A burning sensation is normal and lasts for about 1-3 minutes.

Besides supporting a healthy mouth, gums, and teeth the burning sensation activates the vagus nerve and supports a calm and relaxed feeling.

NOTE: If it is too strong, dilute the BOCA ZEN by pouring 1/2 out into a cup & adding MCT Oil to increase the volume of the BOCA ZEN.

Use the code “WELLNESSFORCE” at checkout.

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