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Synergystic Blend for Improved Cognition

LiftMode NeuroLift

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• Supports cognitive health

• Helps reduce stress + promotes a positive mood

• Supports a healthy nervous system

• Combats fatigue

• Boosts focus + energy

LiftMode NeuroLift Balance Stack is a robust blend of 6 cognition and mood-supporting amino acids and amino acid derivatives.

Formulated to subtly enhance mental clarity, improve attention, and regulate mood under stress, NeuroLift Balance is also designed to encourage a gradual cognitive boost over time, by supporting a balanced and healthy neurotransmitter function.

Support Your Cognitive Functions with NeuroLift

NeuroLift is a daily supplement that helps to maintain general cognitive well-being. It contains a carefully selected blend of neurotransmitter-supporting ingredients, which regulate attention, memory, mood, motivation, and reward pathways.

NeuroLift promotes the healthy function of your brain's neurotransmitter systems. It is an excellent addition to anyone's daily supplement regimen who relies on mental clarity, and it is especially beneficial if you suffer from brain fog or burnout.

Pillar 1: Cognitive Supporting Natural Biochemical Derivatives

The first pillar contains two cognition-supporting natural biochemical derivatives: Agmatine Sulfate and Triacetyluridine, both of which help to support a healthy brain, learning, stress relief, and a calm positive state of focus.

Pillar 2: Mood-Boosting Amino Acids

The second pillar of NeuroLift Balance is made up of three amino acids: Tyrosine (both the parent form and the N-Acetyl form), DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA), and L-Tryptophan, all of which have been studied for their roles in mood enhancement, sleep regulation, and focus support.

Kanna: Nature’s MDMA For Anxiety + Depression? | Bandit French (LiftMode)

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