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• Reduces stress

• Promotes a calm state of mind

• Supports cognitive well-being

• Improves focus

• Relieves tension

LiftMode MesemBright is a daily supplement that combines the key nutrient Inositol with exceptional quality, and an alkaloid, Kanna.

MesemBright capsules are ideal for reducing daily stress and promoting a calm, tranquil state of mind, cognitive well-being, and focus.

LiftMode MesemBright: Stay Calm + Focused

Kanna is a full alkaloid extract of Sceletium tortuosum, a potent mood-brightening, and stress-relieving African plant.

Each MesemBright capsule contains 30mg of LiftMode's high Mesembrine + Mesembrenone Kanna extract, combined with Inositol to provide additional mood support as one of the essential nutrient molecules that enables healthy cell signaling cascades.

Inositol (150 mg) also known as vitamin B8, plays an important role in the structure of our cell membranes and exhibits powerful calming effects.

Rich in each of the best-known Kanna alkaloids – both the mood-lifting and energizing Mesembrine – and the calming and nootropic but potentially calming Mesembrenone – MesemBright offers a unique balance of highly bioactive Kanna alkaloids carefully formulated in a ratio that maximizes their synergy to help promote healthy neurotransmitter levels, support a positive mood, enhance cognitive capacity, and reduce daily stress and tension.

LiftMode’s MesemBright comprises three major Kanna alkaloids, balanced perfectly to produce a tranquil yet cheerful state of mind. The alkaloids include Mesembrine (> 0.58mg), Mesembrenone (>0.52mg), and Mesembrenol (>0.05mg). These alkaloids collectively act to provide a stress-reducing, deep relaxation, and balanced energy effect.

Kanna: Nature’s MDMA For Anxiety + Depression? | Bandit French (LiftMode)

liftmode kannaListen to episode 500 of the Wellness + Wisdom podcast with Bandit French, and learn more about Kanna – a plant that has been used for centuries by indigenous people in South Africa, its influence on our cognitive functions, and how it can sustainably boost our serotonin level.

Watch + Listen to This Episode

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