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Digitizing Drugs With Wellness Technology

Hapbee Smart Wearable


Experience coffee without the shakes. Alcohol without the hangover. Sleeping aids without the grogginess. When the band is playing, your body is vibing. When it turns off, it’s back to normal. And new Blends are being added all the time!

Whether you need support waking up, going to sleep, staying alert, or calming down, there’s a blend just for you. The focus from nicotine without smoking a cigarette, the calm of a bourbon without the booze. At a frequency a million times less than your cell phone, Hapbee is the safest and most effective way to achieve the vibration you desire.

Listen to Josh Trent and Scott Donnell how their wellness technology goes way beyond Big Pharma, how they are essentially digitizing drugs without the side effects, and how to quantify emotional intelligence HERE


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