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Are you in good health? Find out with GlycanAge - the most accurate test of bio-age and wellness available.


Ageing, whilst a natural process, is the accumulation of damage in your body over time, caused by a long term over-activation of the immune system.

Discovering your biological age will provide you with the confidence that your current lifestyle is optimal, or empower you to make changes if there could be room for improvement.

Our modern lifestyle has drastically changed the way we live and can impact our health for better or for worse. How can you gain a more complete picture of the current state of your health?

Science has revealed a significant element that up until recently has largely been overlooked. Your biological age.
While you have no control over the process of aging chronologically, your health and lifestyle can have a significant effect on your biological age. Your biological age is therefore not necessarily the same as your chronological age. Only about 54% of biological aging is determined by your genes, with about 46% being influenced by environmental factors.

GlycanAge is a simple, ground-breaking test that analyses your glycobiology. Taking a GlycanAge® test is a vital step to improving your health. Your test results enable you to become aware of and monitor your biological age. This not only offers you an accurate insight into the current state of your health but can give you the powerful tool to make an informative decisions about lifestyle choices and changes.


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