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Bloom Farms Wellness

100% All-Natural Vape Oil, Organically grown hemp made in the USA; uncut pure and simple, never use fillers or thickening agents like VG or PG. Clean extraction and state-of-the-art hardware mean consistently flavorful and effective vapor that’s high in cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN. *Each Bloom Farms Wellness product is thoughtfully formulated and made (with love) from plants grown in accordance with our views on sustainability and the community. *Used Exclusively by Josh Trent in the BREATHE | Breath & Wellness Program.

Save 15% off Organically Farmed CBN/CBD Safe Vape: Use discount coupon code WELLNESSFORCE at checkout.

Listen and watch Josh Trent & James Sol Radina dive deep into the healing and creative powers of breathwork combined with safe vape on the Wellness Force podcast HERE

Bloom Farms Wellness
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