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Drew Manning: Lessons Learned From Running 100 Miles To Save Children

“This 100-mile run challenge for Operation Underground Railroad wasn’t quite the same as Fit2Fat2Fit which was more of a long-term physical, traumatic experience but it was also emotional and mental which was my biggest takeaway from it. I’ve also done other smaller experiments here and there but this 100-mile run was 24 hours of suffering […]

The Truth About Functional Medicine: James Maskell

The Truth About Functional Medicine: James Maskell “Can we really afford to just wait and only treat people when they’re chronically ill? No, we simply cannot continue to fund this problem. Through KNEW Health, we’re creating a new story that empowers people to own their wellness, save money, and receive the healthcare they actually need.” – […]

Renegade Beauty: Nadine Artemis

Renegade Beauty: Nadine Artemis “Renegade Beauty is really about engaging with the elements, being in contact with nature, and getting back in touch with our bodies again. We need to engage with the water, air, sun, and earth aspects of our lives. The body is alive and its cells and bacteria create billions of points […]

Shifting Shame Into Wonder: Amber Rae

Shifting Shame Into Wonder: Amber Rae “Wonder is what we’re born with. We come into this world so curious in a space of discovery and adventure but then that is socialized and conditioned out of us. Between the system of education, media advertisements, and who we think we’re supposed to be, we believe we have […]

The Altered States Economy: Jamie Wheal

The Altered States Economy: Jamie Wheal “When you boost energy through your system via breathwork, movement, myofascial release, or anything else, you have more juice going through your circuits and it tends to disclose more information about where you’re impeded. So, ecstasis constantly shows you two things: your sort of highest potential, the way you […]

Scott Nelson: What Is Photobiomodulation?

Scott Nelson: What Is Photobiomodulation? “We spend 93% of our time under artificial light; that’s probably not a good thing, right? When we look at our ancestors who spent all their time outside, it makes sense that artificial light isn’t healthy for us. So, the first thing you should do isn’t’ go buy a product […]

Dr. Greg Doerr: Connecting The Mind & Soul Through Movement

Dr. Greg Doerr: Connecting The Mind & Soul Through Movement “Functional Soft Tissue is a concept to help evaluate, treat, and stabilize soft tissue injuries through several different pathways: provocation, motion, resistance, functional positions or activities and proprioception. All of these pathways are neurological bombardments of the central nervous system which lead to the ultimate […]

Stretching Your Second Heart – Nic Bartolotta

Injury Prevention Through DCT Have you ever found yourself taking inspired action towards a new workout program or training regimen, only to wind up succumbing to an injury that keeps you from progressing? Have you ever been curious as to why some people get injured far more than others? Exercise scientists and anatomists have been writing for centuries about […]

Running For Wellness With Elite Runner Tina Muir

“Running is a lot like life. The more you persevere through those difficult moments, the better it feels afterwards. I realized early on that if I could persevere better than most people, I would feel so much better knowing that I overcame the mental demons while I was running.” – Tina Muir Running For Wellness With Elite […]

Finding The Joy of Movement With Darryl Edwards

“Primal Play is about making fitness fun and ensuring that the individual can experience the joy of movement again. Many of us have fallen out of love with movement, and we focus on fitness or exercise which then becomes pain and punishment as the way to get fit. What we should be thinking about is what we […]

The Science of Letting Go With Glenn Stokoe

The Science of Letting Go With Glenn Stokoe “We store so much energy, not only in our psychology but in our muscular-skeletal system that when we float, our body gets to unwind and just finally take that breath it’s been craving so much.” – Joe Rogan Meditation has been studied for centuries as a powerful […]

Sprinting For A Better Life With Franz Snideman

Sprinting For A Better Life With Franz Snideman On this week’s podcast, Franz Snideman, Senior Strong First Instructor, Primal Move National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter and International Lecturer shares the fundamental importance of educating and coaching clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Today, Franz talks about how we can add sprinting to our fitness routines and […]

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