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Josh Tickell: Kiss The Ground

“Food is power. Food is activism. Food is life. Food is medicine. Food is politics. Every time you eat, you’re making a political decision not just yourself but for the world.” – Josh Tickell   Josh Tickell: Kiss The Ground “50% of our calories should be coming from fruits and vegetables. So, tell me why[…]

What Your Biomarkers Are Telling You – Dr. Gil Blander

Dr. Gil Blander: What Your Biomarkers Are Telling You “Today if you look around everyone is taking selfies to show off how they look, but actually only a select few of us are looking inside, trying to understand what is happening inside our most important machine.” – Dr. Gil Blander With a huge focus right[…]

Sustainable Health In A Toxic World – Dr. David Minkoff

Creating Sustainable Health With Dr. David Minkoff It’s no secret that the current condition of our toxic world makes it challenging to build sustainable health and avoid disease. This is also largely due to the fact that our soil and plants don’t contain the same nutritional potency they once did. Even with a clean diet and healthy[…]

Adaptogens For Wellness & Energy – Evan Brand

Adaptogens For Wellness & Energy – Evan Brand With the vast ocean of an industry that exceeds 122 billion dollars of supplements, pills, powders and elixirs in our wellness world, just exactly how do we decipher which things will actually work for the path we are walking in our personal wellness journey? An even better question[…]

The Secret Life of Fat – Dr. Sylvia Tara

Our Individual Connection with Fat How can understanding the secret biological and emotional connections hidden deep inside our fat help us let go of old weight, discover individual wellness, and rekindle a trusted relationship with our body? On this episode of Wellness Force Radio, biochemist and author of The Secret Life of Fat, Dr. Sylvia Tara teaches us why fat is such a complex[…]

The Brain Always Wins – Dr. John Sullivan

The Brain Always Wins Hydration. Nutrition. Sleep. As long as we provide these three essential daily activities to our lives, our brain will always win. The brain is the ultimate governor of the body. Without it, we wouldn’t have strong muscles, healthy emotional wellness, good gut health, and the ability to perform to our highest potential[…]

Wired To Eat – Robb Wolf

Wired To Eat Listen to episode 103 as Robb Wolf uncovers the scientific reasons why we are all wired to eat and how this modern world and big food system is set up to capitalize on our biology. Have you or the people close to you ever struggled with cravings or an appetite that can sometimes[…]

Fearless And Healthy – Ian Ryan

Become Fearless and Healthy For anyone who has ever felt the feelings of unworthiness that blocks them from living a fearless and healthy life, Ian Ryan is on a mission to inspire and share his message:We are all worthy beyond measure. On this episode of Wellness Force Radio, we’ll discuss personal power, courage, and confidence needed to take imperfectly perfect[…]

The Power To Heal With Maris Degener

The Power To Heal With Maris Degener   “They might not be able to understand that what’s going through a person’s mind doesn’t represent the person, but the mental illness.” – Maris Degener on why it’s important to separate the person from their disorder.   Even today, stigmas and unclear understandings about eat disorders and mental[…]

7 Ways To Better Wellness In 2017

7 Ways To Better Wellness In 2017 To celebrate the start of 2017, this episode is dedicated to spotlighting  7 powerful episodes and remembering what they taught us about our wellness path in 2016. It has been such an incredible year on the Wellness Force Radio podcast! There have been so many amazing guests who[…]

Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety

  “All you have is what’s going on in front of you right now. Worrying about the future is only going to cause anxiety and bring up fears. It’s only going to cause you to live in a time that’s not present.” – Justin Stenstrom   Justin Stenstrom: Beyond Anxiety Our past may haunt us and[…]

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