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  • Your passion and expertise got you here and podcasting gets you closer to your customers
  • Your voice will be heard above the competition through the intimate touchpoint of personal audio
  • Create actionable steps for your listeners. Through education and inspiration about who you are, what you do, and why you do it, you'll deepen the relationship with your audience

you hold the keys to solving the Problem...

In the age of over information in all things personal development, entrepreneurship, health, fitness and wellness, podcasting from a professional brand delivers actionable content that people can count on.  Millions of listeners are out there both locally and globally–all looking for a connection to a brand they can trust.

​The opportunity for connection and trust building through the medium of iTunes has never been more powerful than in 2018. With your passion, expertise, and unique voice, podcasting is the vehicle for sharing your brand's message in the modern digital world.

Your value is what attracts your customers and clients. With the intimacy of sound, podcasting is the trusted bridge between your value and the people who need it most.

"I learned that a long walk and calm conversation are an incredible combination if you want to build a bridge." - Seth Godin

But the time and learning curves in planning, launching, and maintaining a successful podcast can be overwhelming while also running a business.

Lacking the real world experience in using a hosting service, guest booking, website integration, audio recording, mp3 conversion, editing, ID3 tags, sound technology, equipment, sound, CTA's, EP uploads, show graphics,  blog posts, show notes, networking, host skills, interview flow, launch strategy, social assets, audience growth.... and so much more is a barrier to entry that stops many from ever starting, and most from ever reaching true success. 

The uncomfortable truth is that over 81% of all podcasts on iTunes never make it past the 7th episode. 

Not because the brand doesn't have the experience and something powerful to say, but because of the steeper than expected learning curve and time investment needed for success.

The solution to podcasting for personal development, entrepreneurship, health, fitness and wellness brands is to partner with a team that has the right social network and a proven track record of using iTunes to increase customer leads and brand awareness through podcasting. 

In a crowded, complicated, and fast-growing podcast marketplace, having a team with a shared interest that understands your business, your brand, and why you do what you do is priceless.

As a top brand, you've made a living and an difference by doing what you do best: serving your clients. 

With Wellness Force Media, we'll help you simplify the A-Z podcasting process, guide and coach your team, and become a trusted partner to successfully share your voice on iTunes.


Personal Consulting

Personal, accountable, and actionable consulting sessions with #1 Rated iTunes Host of Wellness Force Radio, Josh Trent


Professional audit and selection of podcasting equipment, technology, software, and hosting setup to ensure seamless interviews and quality recordings.

Launch Plan

In a professional audit of your social assets, we'll use the proven Wellness Force launch team building system to deploy a 60 day countdown for a successful launch.


Connecting the dots between your CMS, social platforms, audio hosting, content delivery, and show notes posted to where your customers live.


This is where we'll help to create and source the branding elements of your podcast such as cover art, title, and copy. Clarify your goals, refine your podcast messaging. 

Call To Action

Customization of WordPress plugins for unique audience call to actions with trackable analytics to ensure you see where your efforts are producing results. 


"I have my first paid sponsor opportunity.."

"I worked with Josh in the couple months leading up to my podcast launch. His support was invaluable. Our weekly calls gave me so much peace of mind, in addition to the fantastic list of action items we created together.Within two weeks of my launch I was in all three of my categories of iTunes New & Noteworthy. I give Josh all the credit for this. He gave me some specific steps to put together an amazing launch team. A month after launch, I had 95 reviews and hit #1 in all my N&N sub-categories. 6 weeks after my launch, I have my first paid sponsor opportunity. This is so cool!I had a great time working with Josh. I'm so grateful for his ongoing support and guidance. It truly made all the difference in my successful and stress free launch."

- Sara Dean Fitness Professional, Podcast Host, ShamlessMom.com


#1 Foundation

"Who you are, what you do, and why you do it."

Get your show's message and description right the first time.

From hundreds of thousands of downloads and years of experience, Josh Trent will personally help guide your team through the process of creating marketing copy that makes sense to your customers. 

Throughout the five phases, you’ll have direct access to your coach to help you produce the best possible show in your niche. 

#2 launch strategy 

Powerful launches don't have to be rocket science. We'll work closely with your team to deliver the systems for getting your show on the front page of New & Noteworthy in iTunes.

  • Professional audit of your digital assets to create a strong launch team that will leave your show reviews when it matters most.
  • Proven e-mail sequences and marketing copy created to leverage existing audiences in your market for faster exposure.
  • Social media scheduling setup to drive shares, likes, downloads, subscriptions and iTunes reviews for your show.

#3 content

We'll help you create rich episodes and syndicate across all your digital assets. 

Our production team will professionally edit your podcast, insert your pre-recorded intro and outro, write compelling show notes, and schedule your episodes in your media host so the're ready to go live.

Using your WordPress website, we set up your media player, direct download links, prompts for your listeners to share, and to rate and review your podcast. 

We'll also submit your podcast to the most popular directories (Stitcher, Google Play, and others) to help your podcast grow into the front page of iTunes New & Noteworthy.

#4 call to action

​We help you develop attention grabbing messaging to turn new listeners into email subscribers and provide the strategy to convert audience members into paying customers.

Using on-air CTA's (call to actions) Wellness Force will use your show to direct listeners to your most compelling lead magnets and get them hooked into coming back every week.

#5 MAINTAIN success

For your first four episodes, we'll take care of everything to create massive momentum for your show.

*When you're ready to increase downloads even further and set up a no-hassle, episode publishing machine, Wellness Force will maintain your show's success by delivery weekly episodes including editing, syndication, show notes, and social media posts to get you even more customers. 

"truly one of the best.."

"The online world is a tricky place to navigate with so many rules, different strategies and over all business plans. One thing that I have loved in working with Josh Trent is it's never been a one-size fits all approach. He works with your brand, with where you desire to go and helps create the roadmap to get you there. Josh is in tune with your needs, wants and personal goals all while giving you the push and the direction needed to get to the end destination. I've never worked with a more supportive mentor. Truly one of the best."

- Alexa Schirm Nutritionist, Podcast Host, SimpleRootsWellness.com

"the right Guidance boosts results..."

"When you hire a coach, you look for someone who can hold you accountable, provide guidance for you, and create the results you want. Josh Trent embodies all of these crucial factors and was pivotal in helping me to lay the foundation for starting my podcast. Without Josh's coaching Dreamchasers would not be where it is today."

- Lucas Barra Business Coach, Podcast Host, SchoolOfDreams.co

I'm a better coach today.."

"Being a health practitioner, I coach clients on how to lead healthier lives, so when it came time to focus on the health of my own wellness business, I knew I was in good hands with Josh. In our sessions, I experienced a momentum shift in my coaching practice at Health Luminary. I started creating and expressing without fear and found a new level of consciousness that has empowered not only myself but my clients as well. Josh's intuitive coaching allowed me to connect the mind, body, and spirit in my messaging. I’m a better coach today because of him!."

- Geny Chevalier Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Content Creator, HealthLuminary.com


Share your message. Attract new customers.

Ready to launch your podcast on iTunes? 

You'll need a partner who understands who you are and how to support you from their own successful experience. 

When it comes to attracting new customers through audio, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Summary of services

  • Foundation: Brand & Message
  • Launch Strategy
  • Content Syndication
  • Call to Action
  • Maintain Success*

Get ready to launch

Share Your Message To Millions

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Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If after experiencing phase one you are not happy with the launch process, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"your podcast is a mirror of your brand.  i take that seriously and with great care."