Solocast: The 6 Noble Universal Truths of Purpose + 7 Pillars of Well-Being

Discover the 6 noble truths of purpose and the 7 pillars of well-being with Josh Trent.  “Take a big breath, let it go, and love yourself through this process too. Taking emotional inventory is really a starting place. Anyone, including Tony Robbins, starts in this space of development of self with the process of […]

Juraj Kocar | EMF Protection + Mitigation For Healthy Homes & Travel With Somavedic

Juraj Kocar | EMF Protection + Mitigation For Healthy Homes & Travel With Somavedic

Discover this incredible device for EMF protection and mitigation at home or your workplace. “Inside each Somavedic device, there are precious and semi-precious stones that are working in correlation with and amplifying each other. Then you receive amplified frequencies from the various gemstones from this created field. This also relates to the water structuring caused […]

Amir Reuveny | Sleep Technology: The Secret To Quality vs Quantity

Amir Reuveny | Sleep Technology: The Secret To Quality vs Quantity

“Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders that exists and one of the most undiagnosed. If you look at the numbers, about 30 million people only in the US suffer from sleep apnea; 80% of them are undiagnosed and untreated so they carry this disease for many, many years and sleep apnea […]

Dr. Michael Ruscio | Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Symptoms, & The Truth About Hypothyroid

“There is this rampant and egregious over and incorrect diagnosis of hypothyroidism. It doesn’t mean that hypothyroidism does not exist; of course it does but there have been major outcries even published in the Journal of Thyroid or in Medscape that there is this drift to incorrectly diagnosing people all probably because we’re trying to […]

Autumn Smith: The Magic & Myths About Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

“Apple cider vinegar is going to promote blood sugar stability but also it’s been shown to improve fat burning. The number one thing that I hear from people is that it takes away their cravings so you’re using it in a beautiful, beautiful way. It promotes satiety; it makes you feel fuller longer. There’s also […]

Matteo Franceschetti: Sleep Fitness & The Good Side of Technology

    “When I think of technology for sleep, I think in two dimensions. In one dimension you have your phone with emails coming in, Slack messages, text messages, Whatsapp and so on that can give you anxiety. That type of technology is bad because it keeps your mind racing when you really just have […]

CV19 Truth Series: Protecting Your Health Freedom

This special edition 6-part CV19 Truth Series: Protecting Your Health Freedom podcast with host, Josh Trent, spotlights the best and most trusted information you will find in the online wellness world when it comes to taking your health and wellness into your own hands. Breaking Free From Fear & Confusion This will be one of […]

Ami Brannon: Vagus Nerve Stimulation For Less Anxiety

“The Neuvana Xen earbuds literally give an electrical stimulation through the skin at the ear that gives the user profound, lasting effects of not just physical health but also mood improvement, stress relief, and overall better quality of life.”  – Ami Brannon Wellness + Wisdom Episode 363 Vice President for Customer Experience and Business Development […]

Tina Anderson | Gut Health: The New Probiotic Strain That Changes Everything

“The really cool thing about HU36 bacillus indicus is that it actually produces carotenoids and antioxidants in the gut exactly where they need to be absorbed. We have had such great success with helping support leaky gut syndrome because these antioxidants that are produced by HU36 combat that oxidative stress on the gut lining. It […]

Greg Schmaus | Ancient Secrets: Healing OCD & Boosting Mental Health

“Can we can heal mental health 100%? The answer is ‘yes’ but to heal it 100% we have to acknowledge that we’re not here to get rid of it, we’re here to integrate it into our being.”  – Greg Schmaus Wellness + Wisdom Episode 356 International Holistic Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist at Greg’s […]

Dr. Ben Lynch: Dirty Genes & COVID-19

“We’re a very sick population and if we keep thinking that we need to kill and hunt down these sicknesses, viruses, and bacteria, that will forever put us at the mercy of the government or other organizations claiming to try and save us vs. us putting the actual work and effort in to become the […]

Autumn Smith: How To Heal Your Brain With Food

“We used to think that our brain and gut connection were sending each other a single message from one to the other but now we know that they are actually sending four messages for every single one. The gut and the brain are constantly communicating with each other. So, when our gut is unhealthy, where […]

Patrick Haize | Practical Spirituality: The 3 Energy Bodies

“The three energy bodies are the physical, etheric, and astral; all three of these come together to create the consciousness that we experience as we go throughout our day and as we dream at night. This point of coming into awareness of yourself is very much the key to unlocking the blockages that we have […]

Josh Clemente: The Truth About Glucose & Body Fat

“Rather than going through a series of blood marker tests, getting the results, and receiving a follow-up call, Levels will get you all of that in real-time, every day. That means Levels is able to help you make a meal decision right in the moment and immediately give you feedback about your body’s response to […]

Joe Sheehey: The Truth About Cannabidiol’s Impact On Mind, Body, & Spirit

“Before trying CBD, I had been taking some medications for my anxiety and while I’ve had it for most of my life, my anxiety was getting really bad. So, when I first put the CBD tincture underneath my tongue, I immediately noticed some amazing calming properties; I was sleeping and recovering really well; well enough […]

David Hauser: How To Create Personal Freedom & Be Unstoppable In Life

“Routine and structure are what gives us the freedom to be unstoppable.” – David Hauser Are you feeling momentum in a flow state or are have you hit a stitch? Wellness + Wisdom Episode 322 Entrepreneur, speaker, angel investor, and author of Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life, David Hauser, shares how to create […]

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan | Super Wellness: Become Your Own Best Healer

“What nourishment on a physical level are you craving that is not diet or exercise related? What nourishment on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level do you need? We’re not lacking the right diet; we’re missing out on love, kindness, and connection in our lives.” – Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan Are you controlling your health […]

Christa Orecchio: The Adrenal Recode

“The Adrenal Recode helps you focus on how you move, breathe, think, and what you do during the day. It is giving people the most powerful yet clinical, intuitive, nutrition possible because it allows you to peer inside yourself and recognize how you feel and how your body responds when you do or don’t have […]

Nick Pineault: The Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMFs

“Our homes play such a huge role in making us either sick or healthy and EMFs are constantly creating a stressful environment. When people spend just two days in isolated nature, they have reported feeling completely different and sometimes even healed. So, ask yourself, are you sick or is your home sick?” – Nick Pineault […]

Vanessa Lambert: How To Find Your Authentic Self

“Authenticity lies in the seed of your soul. When you explore your authenticity, you will be aligned and feel at home with yourself. By being authentically you, you will no longer be fighting your thoughts, you will feel comfortable in your own skin, and life isn’t confusing or confronting anymore.” – Vanessa LambertWhat specific tools, […]

Thaddeus Owen: The Truth About 5G

“5G is not about faster download speeds. 5G is about tracking, surveilling, and controlling what is messaged to you. 5G is about mining your data and making you into more of a consumer by connecting everything around you.” – Thaddeus Owen Companies are stating that the extra 5G bandwidth will greater serve humanity at a […]

Why Sleep Beats Food For Fat Loss: Harpreet Rai

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 252 CEO of Oura Health Ltd., Harpreet Rai, reveals how sleep can be the secret ingredient to weight loss success, how rest can be a guiding light to help you show up as the best version of yourself, and the direct correlation between lack of sleep and its effect on our hormones, […]

The Top 8 Podcasts of 2018

My friend, we’ve arrived at the end of yet another incredible year of 250+ podcast episodes discovering the physical and emotional intelligence to live life well. **Enter To Win A Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi! To enter to win a *Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi: all you have to do is leave a 5-star […]

Quit Happens: Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Quit Happens: Dr. Lynn Marie Morski “You want to live your truth as much as you can. So many people think that “quitting” is this dirty word but to me, “settling,” is the dirty word.” – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski Deep down you know it’s time for a change but how can you leave a […]

Mastering The Mind For Business & Life: Aaron Hinde

Mastering The Mind For Business & Life: Aaron Hinde “A scarcity mindset is one in which we put all of our time and energy into business and therefore the family must suffer. However, it doesn’t have to be like that; time abundance at both work and home is possible when directed. A scarcity mindset isn’t […]

The Revolution Is Coming: Paul Chek

Hey Friends! My name is Josh Trent and I have a passion for Breathwork.. for SO many reasons. From an early age I struggled with anxiety and before I knew it, food, drugs, and porn became coping mechanisms that took me 25 years to learn how to let go of… If I only had the […]

Top 10 Wellness Force Guests (Best of The Best: Celebrating 200 Shows)

My friend, we’ve arrived, this is it, episode 200 of Wellness + Wisdom! **Enter To Win A Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi! To enter to win a *Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi: all you have to do is leave a 5 star review right here for the podcast on iTunes right from your phone or computer during […]

Dr. Daniel Stickler: How To Beat Decision Fatigue

Dr. Daniel Stickler: How To Beat Decision Fatigue “How do we make the greatest change in the world? Well, we improve brain capacity at Neurohacker Collective. When people are smarter, more productive, able to reason better, and are able to consciously connect better, then the world changes. That’s a big step for both the world […]

Lisa Dougherty: Leading The Medical Fitness Movement

Lisa Dougherty: Leading The Medical Fitness Movement “There’s definitely been a shift in the last several years with our aging population. They’re a third of our nation, but they’re also 45% of our wealth so I think their mindsets are really influencing many things in the USA from products to services to just everything. I […]

Brian St. Pierre: The 5 Must Have Nutrition Fundamentals

Brian St. Pierre: The 5 Must Have Nutrition Fundamentals “The fundamentals are principles because they never change. They’re not just cool ideas; they’re factors that are consistent and important regardless of who you are, where you live, and what you do. So, whether you’re an athlete, a stay-at-home mom, or a weekend warrior, all of […]

Justin Andrews & Josh Trent CES LIVE 2018

Justin Andrews & Josh Trent: CES LIVE 2018 “Technology is not going away and if we can learn how to use it more effectively, then we can respect technology and our relationships in real life. That’s especially important for me when it comes to my children; I want them to learn how to use technology […]

Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura – Petteri Lahtela

Chronotypes, Circadian Rhythm, & Oura – Petteri Lahtela “The body is unique and so its response to different lifestyles depends on the individual. There’s no guide that lets us know which path to take or what will happen when we make a decision. The Oura ring helps us reflect and become more self-aware.” – Petteri Lahtela […]

Vinnie Tortorich: No Sugar, No Grains

Vinnie Tortorich: No Sugar, No Grains “Cancer feeds on sugar. Plain and simple as that. If you want to have a healthy body and mind, it’s vital that you cut out as much processed sugar as possible.” – Vinnie Tortorich You might have come to believe that being healthy and getting fit means eating bland […]

Dr. Joe Anderson & Andrea Duchonovic – Understand Ketosis With A Simple Breath

Dr. Joe Anderson & Andrea Duchonovic: Understand Ketosis With A Simple Breath “We all have a different body and metabolism that can change from day to day. LEVL allows you to take measurements throughout the day to actually see where your fat metabolism is at and what your body is using for fuel. So, instead of […]

Tracking For Optimal Health – Alex Fergus

Alex Fergus: Tracking For Optimal Health “The day I started prioritizing my sleep, was the same day my poor health started improving.” – Alex Fergus Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 146 at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference with Alex Fergus, health coach, fitness expert, and CEO of Alex Fergus Coaching, as we explore the importance […]

Unconventional Medicine – Chris Kresser

Unconventional Medicine with Chris Kresser “The traditional health care system is not designed to handle the multitude of chronic problems we face in our modern world.” – Chris Kresser The world is looking at the greatest health care crisis it has ever seen. Chronic disease is shortening our lifespan, destroying our quality of life, bankrupting governments, […]

Stand Tall – Dr. Tim Brown, Founder of IntelliSkin

Stand Tall – Dr. Tim Brown Since the beginning of time, we have been standing, walking, running, and always moving. But in today’s world, we spend most of our time sitting at a desk, in a car, or on the couch. This excessive sitting results in the chest muscles tightening, causing the shoulders to rotate […]

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen

Reverse Engineering The Soul – Cory Allen Have you ever considered that our perception of reality might be completely inaccurate? Oftentimes, what we experience in life gets passed through the lens of our own personal identity.  We’ve developed a filtering system based on our upbringing and social conditioning that forms our perspective and conscious awareness. […]

Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology – Dr. Andy Galpin

Being A Healthy Human In An Era of Technology – Dr. Andy Galpin “We can use fitness technology as a tool for cueing, learning, and sensing instead of as a taskmaster that stresses us out.” – Dr. Andy Galpin Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 134 as author, tenured professor, and podcast host Dr. Andy […]

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison Today’s podcast shows how we can begin the journey of self-discovery and find our own unique path to health and wellness. We’re joined by author and business strategist Cathy Hutchison, who shares how she changed her long-standing nutritional paradigms and found amazing health and vitality in the process. […]

Modius & The Neuroscience of Fat Loss – Tom Bilyeu & Dr. Jason McKeown

Tom Bilyeu & Dr. Jason McKeown: Modius & The Neuroscience of Fat Loss Today’s episode reveals the breakthrough weight-loss device “Modius,” from Neurovalens. This non-invasive wearable headband is helping to reduce body fat and increase wellness through activation of the vestibular nerve. Traditionally, wearables have focused on tracking and monitoring. They can tell us things […]

Dr. Kirk Parsley – Sleep To Win

 Dr. Kirk Parsley – Sleep To Win Wellness + Wisdom episode 125 with Dr. Kirk Parsely: In today’s fast-paced society driven by the “hustle and grind” mentality,  sleep is usually the first thing to go. With the demands of the modern world, what practical steps for sleep hygiene can we practice every day to […]

Aubrey Marcus – Own The Day

Own The Day: Aubrey Marcus Aubrey Marcus Wellness Force Episode 123: With the volume of noise in our modern world that distracts and arouses the egoic mind, how do we awaken more consciousness so we can discover our deeper purpose? We often fall prey to short-term solutions like drugs, alcohol, or social media to cover […]

Jeff Sanders: The Power of Saying No

Own Your Day Today’s episode with Jeff Sanders teaches us that there is more to time management than meets the eye. In fact, productivity and good time management are key to unlocking greater health and wellness. When we have our energy, focus, and clear mind, any goal can be accomplished with a head-on approach.  In a world […]

Primal Living In The Modern World – Mark Sisson

Rediscover Your Intuition Through Primal Living Is our modern environment taking too large of a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health? Has the digital age led us to lose our primal intuition? From a young age, health and fitness expert, author, and founder of both Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen, Mark Sisson of […]

The Immune System Recovery Plan – Dr. Susan Blum

Heal Your Immune System In Four Steps Antibiotics are supposed to help our immune system recover from viruses, diseases, and other illnesses, but what if they leave us feeling fatigued, unwell, or even worse over time? With long-term use, can antibiotics actually hinder, not heal our immune systems? Besides antibiotics, pesticides and processed food ingredients are […]

The Brain Always Wins – Dr. John Sullivan

The Brain Always Wins Hydration. Nutrition. Sleep. As long as we provide these three essential daily activities to our lives, our brain will always win. The brain is the ultimate governor of the body. Without it, we wouldn’t have strong muscles, healthy emotional wellness, good gut health, and the ability to perform to our highest potential […]

Eat, Sleep, & Move Your Way To Legendary Health – Ted Ryce

Eat, Sleep, & Move Your Way To Legendary Health – Ted Ryce Ted Ryce is a 20 year Celebrity Fitness Expert, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Wellness Coach and Host of the Legendary Life Podcast In his dynamic health and wellness career, Ted has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, busy professionals and celebrities, including Richard Branson, Ricky […]

From Weight Loss Resistance To High Performance With Dr. Matt Accurso

“I don’t want someone to feel that they need my help. I want them to feel empowered about their body. The most powerful part about the whole journey with anyone that I’ve ever worked with is the long-term sustainable result. I want you to leave my care and I want you to teach your family […]

The 5 Metabolic Myths With Dr. Jade Teta

The 5 Metabolic Myths With Dr. Jade Teta If you’ve been counting calories and exercising as part of a health and wellness program, there can come a time when the scale suddenly stops moving. But beyond the horizon of the fitness industry’s fetish with the scale and dogmatism of “calories in vs. calories out and “eat less, […]

Ted Ryce: Your Guide To Live A Legendary Life

  Ted Ryce: Your Guide To Live A Legendary Life Ted Ryce was put on this planet to show us how to live a legendary life by helping people master their health & fitness, mindset, productivity and communication skills. He is a motivational speaker, fitness expert, wellness coach and host of the Legendary Life podcast. Having […]

Chris Kelly: Why Sleep Beats Nutrition

Chris Kelly: Why Sleep Beats Nutrition This time of year there is a huge focus on diets, nutrition, and food choices but what if I told you that when it comes to letting go of old weight, that sleep beats nutrition? Do you suffer from insomnia or poor sleep? We all know we need to […]